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As I Like It! Football

NOVEMBER 7, 2016 FOOTBALL DOWN SOUTH Football Quote of the Week “How do you get a former Ole Miss football player off your porch? Pay him for the pizza.   While I was trying to find something for this week’s football quote I thought about many of the […]

As I Like It! Saturday Serial

AS I LIKE IT! Saturday, November 5, 2016 SATURDAY SERIAL Those of us of a certain age remember the serials that played during our childhood Saturday matinees. There would be a cartoon, a newsreel, and a serial story before the featured cowboy movie. I can’t guarantee any stage coaches […]


TOM’S LATEST STAB AT DOE’S STEAKS Doe’s cook their steaks in an open gas fired oven at over 1000 degrees F.   There is no way I am ever going to duplicate this at home, yet I continue to try.  This is my latest experiment and I believe it […]