AS I LIKE IT! JANUARY 13, 2017 SATURDAY SERIAL MIKE LOMAX P.I. EPISODE 9 To review last week’s episode, click here:   Mike realized that Billy Ray had just been shot, so he instinctively ducked behind the sports car. He turned and swept the parking lot, […]

As I Like It Football

As I Like It! JANUARY 11, 2017 THE KING IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE KING.   The palace coup that began in September of 2016 culminated on Monday night in Tampa. The Clemson Tigers, led by QB, Deshaun Watson, dethroned Alabama’s Crimson Tide as National Champions. There’s a […]

End of an Era

As I like it! THE END OF AN ERA Todd Van Emst/Opelika=Auburn News In the latter part of 2016, the last vestige of Opelika’s mill town heritage burned to the ground. The abandoned Leshner Cotton Mill had been closed since 1985, but in its heyday, employed over a […]

Football Down South

AS I LIKE IT! JANUARY 4, 2017 FOOTBALL DOWN SOUTH   The 2016 college football season is over, and the only game left will be for the National Championship on January 9. All of the bowl games have been played, and the conference report cards are written. The […]

Southern Culture Hall of Fame

AS I LIKE IT! January 2, 2017   SOUTHERN CULTURE HALL OF FAME In 1513, Spaniard, Ponce de Leon was the first European to set foot on the southern part of what is now the continental United States. In the five hundred years since de Leon, there have […]


AS I LIKE IT! December 28, 2016 MY FEARLESS 2017 PREDICTIONS Considering that I have some degree of difficulty picking football games, you’d think I would generate enough ridicule and scorn to satisfy my desire for rejection and pain. Good thought, but I’ll insist on going where angels […]