June 2013 Newsletter

       Thomas R. Lawrence 456 South 10th Street Opelika, AL 36801 334-737-2727 tom@cap-consult.com   As I See It! TM   June 2013 Volume 4, Number 6 In This Issue:   Welcome from Tom Front porch Press Society South Magazine As I Like it!TM http://www.tomlawrenceblog.com     […]

June Twit Bits

The covey rise Explosions of beating wings at your feet, brown rockets seeking cover. Try to pick one and stay with him. Don’t disappoint the dog.   Buck Fever Distant baying of beagles, the does breaking cover on a dead run. He comes easing through the brush with […]

May Twit Bits

Harry Truman The buck stopped here and so did Dugout Doug. Bess was his girl and he never looked back. He made the hard decision and the Enola Gay flew.   Fice Dogs Tree a squirrel or take on a Doberman, all in a day’s work. Twenty pounds […]

C’sons LaGrange, Georgia

Clista and Mike McCain were born within months of each other on farms that were less than a mile apart. Their parents were good friends, and Mike and Clista rode the same school bus from the first grade through their senior year at Cleveland High School in Cleveland, […]

April Twit Bits

Christmas trees with old style lights Red and green bulbs on a fir covered with painted glass orbs and tinsel. Bing croons “White Christmas” and if one goes out, they all go out.   Johnson’s paste wax Once a week whether they needed it or not, she got […]

Shiva Chapters 2 and 3

SHIVA  CHAPTER 2        MARIA Maria parked in the building’s underground garage and took the elevator to their eleventh-story apartment. She tossed her keys in the brass bowl on the foyer table as she walked toward the living room and called out, “Carmella, it’s me. Just want you to […]

The Warehouse Bistro

THE WAREHOUSE BISTRO OPELIKA, ALABAMA We arrived at the Warehouse Bistro just after dark, and Clista looked a little apprehensive as we wended our way among the darkened warehouses and manufacturing plants. When we pulled into the brightly lit and mostly full parking lot, she breathed a sigh […]

March Twit Bits

La Boheme Idealism and poverty, the joys of youth in Paris set to Puccini. Love and laughter on the rooftops and avenues. Melodic melancholy of death.   Sunrise in a duck blind Ice on the decoys, high Vs against a magenta sky. Lured by the feeding call a […]