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FACES IN THE CROWD William Alexander Morgan On the morning of March 11, 1961, a fair-haired man in a ragged, dirty prison uniform was marched to an interior wall of El Cabana prison, made to stand before a post. The sun was just peeking over the stone walls […]


BRAIRFIELD 1860 The icy rain pelted down on the window of the library, and a lanky man dressed in a quilted robe sat close to the crackling fireplace, reading a newspaper. The man’s sharply chiseled face was softened by a black patch covering his left eye, and reading […]

As I Like It!

FEB 1 After a long battle with sepsis, long-time television newsman and high school class mate, Bert Case, passed away last week. Bert’s death closes an era of TV journalism in Mississippi that spanned over fifty years. Bert started his career while attending Ole Miss, working at the […]

Days of Destiny

DAYS OF DESTINY In every era and in every generation there are crucial moments when a significant decision has to be made, and the consequences of that choice can change the course of history. Many times the full impact of such a decision does not become clear at […]


  JAN 25 Now that the college football season has finally ended and most hunting seasons are closed or closing, the attention of the average southerner is turning to our real national pastime, politics. On the national scene the combination of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin is proving […]


    JAN 18’ My 2016 Subscription Campaign, (Beg-A-Thon) has entered its third week, and so far, it’s resulted in 48 new subscribers. The only yardstick for judging a blog like mine is the number of subscribers. I send it to over 1000 folks, but many who go […]


AMERICA THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Southerners love politics. We’re particularly vocal where local issues are concerned. The average Southerner is often more concerned about choosing the County Sherriff or a local member of the City Council than who’s going to be the next President. The State legislature makes decisions that […]

Subscriber Contest!

FIRST ANNUAL SUBSCRIBER CONTEST Just as PBS has a never ending beg-a-thon, so does As I Like It! Unlike PBS however, we are not asking for money but rather your help in beefing up our subscriber base. We currently have over 200 subscribers, and they are the reason […]


In every generation and in every society there are those who make a difference without recognition or fame. Mostly, they are just plain folks leading ordinary lives who find themselves thrust into a situation that demands courage, integrity and solid common sense. At that crucial moment, these average […]