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Commander’s Palace

NEW ORLEANS – COMMANDERS PALACE In the post civil war period, the City of New Orleans enjoyed an unprecedented period of prosperity. The Port of New Orleans dispatched the largess of America’s farms and factories to the world. As a result, the local trading and banking industries blossomed. […]


Galatoire’s  Last month we visited Antoine’s Restaurant and tasted the traditional 1950’s haute cuisine in a trip down memory lane. This month I want to talk about another old New Orleans establishment that has maintained its traditional elegance and yet adapted to the twenty-first century. Galatoire’s was founded […]

Jimmy’s Opelika, AL

As a general rule I will not be reviewing restaurants unless they have a dish or two that might be candidates for best in class. In previous newsletters I talked about The Cozy Corner, Morris’s BBQ and Doe’s Eat Place, all of which excel in their specialties.   […]

Doe’s Eat Place

Today I am going to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart and stomach – steak. There are only two qualities necessary to assure the preparation of a great steak: high quality meat and one hell of a hot place to cook it. I have […]

The Rendezvous

When last we met I had held forth on Morris’ BBQ in Eads, Tennessee.  I proclaimed it the best in the galaxy, and so it is. I left you with the promise to discuss BBQ Ribs at our next session. Well, here we go. Ribs are a little more […]

Morris’ BBQ

In the case of BBQ, this is irrefutable fact: the best BBQ in the South is prepared in Memphis, Tennessee; and since it is the best in the South it is by definition the best in the galaxy.  The best BBQ shoulder can be found in an un-air […]