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Shell Station Winfield, AL

While on the subject of food, I want to add another service station to my list of good places to eat. There is a Shell Station at exit 30 on US 78 on the Alabama stretch between Tupelo and Birmingham. I always try to time my lunch stop […]

Steak House Ratings

It is important to note that my rating system does not account for atmosphere, ambience, wine list, side dishes or sauces and condiments. We are strictly talking about the steak itself. David Ross cooked some of the best steaks I have ever eaten at a shack deep in […]

Citizen Kane’s

Over the phone, Will had been a little cryptic about our dinner plans, only saying that the restaurant was close to my hotel and that I could dress casually. He and Helen picked me up in the early evening of a beautiful summer day in early June. The […]

Bluegrass on the Plains

When G.R. called and asked me to help him make arrangements to attend the bluegrass festival scheduled to be held in Auburn, I was glad to help. G.R. is a living anachronism and a total Luddite. He still believes in doing business with a handshake and values his […]

The Barbeque Kitchen

After delivering a friend to the Atlanta Airport, I decided to indulge my BBQ jones and try the first local BBQ joint I could find. Driving down Virginia Avenue in College Park, headed back to I-85, I came across a small establishment called The Barbecue Kitchen. The marquee […]

Modern Movies

I have accepted that the world has changed and pretty much left me behind in the process. I am no longer any merchandiser’s demographic target. I don’t understand the commercials on television anymore, even though I did see one recently that confirmed that old question of “does a […]