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Tom Lawrence

Modern Movies

I have accepted that the world has changed and pretty much left me behind in the process. I am no longer any merchandiser’s demographic target. I don’t understand the commercials on television anymore, even though I did see one recently that confirmed that old question of “does a […]

Doing Business in a Third World Country

Recently, I had occasion to interact with the Alabama Secretary of State’s office. I had formed an LLC, Chinaberry Press, LLC, without checking to see if the name was copyrighted or trademarked. After a short, but informative telephone conversation with an attorney representing a party who felt that […]

Houston’s Smoked Salmon Appetizer

I have long thought that Houston’s offered one of the best combinations of good food, excellent service and solid value. The Memphis Houston’s opened in its present location soon after the company expanded out of its home base in Nashville. There has been a waiting line ever since. […]

Hannah the Hammer

I was on a conference call trying to herd one of my flocks of cats into enough order to get a “mail box money ” deal done when the front door bell sounded and I heard Mary greet someone and invite them in. The front room of our […]

The Hunter’s Pub

As most of you know by now, my universe of steak houses has three orbits around perfection. The inner orbit, closest to perfect, has only one establishment in it, Doe’s Eat Place in Greenville, Mississippi. The second orbit, a little more distant from the sun of perfection, includes […]

January 2012 Newsletter

  Thomas R. Lawrence   456 South 10th Street   Opelika, AL 36801   334-737-2727 As I See It!™ January 2012   Volume 3, Number 1   In This Issue: Welcome from Tom  The Bowl Season   As I Like it!TM   New Orleans Redux Velma […]

Velma and Annie

Velma is an eighty plus year old black lady in Memphis, Tennessee. Every morning she gets up well before sunrise and meets her eighty year old friend, Annie, at their neighborhood bus stop. The two of them catch the first bus of the morning and head toward the […]

New Orleans Redux

More than enough has been written about post Katrina New Orleans. People in Uzbekistan are familiar with the Ninth Ward and Tremé is a household word to Tasmanians. The city remains below sea level and will be subject to devastating floods forever. The levees and pumping stations will […]

November 2011 Newsletter

Thomas R. Lawrence 456 South 10th Street Opelika, AL 36801 334-737-2727 As I See It!™ November  2011 Volume 2, Number 10 In This Issue:  Welcome from Tom Fifty-Four Years Later So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur Front Porch Press College Football 2011 As I Like it!TM […]