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Tom Lawrence

Burson on Books

I’m going to indulge in a little shameless self-promotion and present a conversational video between Chip Burson and me filmed for his Southern Authors series, Burson on Books. Chip is a writer, editor, story-teller, interviewer, and performance artist, and was gracious enough to include me on his show. […]

A New England Winter Day

My friends Phil and Alice Hayen live in historic Concord, Massachusetts. Yes, that Concord—the one with the bridge made famous in 1775. Concord is also the home of Henry David Thoreau and Walden Pond, along with that of Ralph Waldo Emerson. There is enough history within walking distance […]

Vive Le Difference!

As a man drifts from maturity to senility, his priorities begin to shift and he finds that he has a great deal of time to muse about philosophical issues.  This phenomena, a result of all of the time that had previously been devoted to thinking about sex, can […]

will d…a life in science

Becoming an outstanding scientist who would have an instrumental role in furthering technologies to enrich global agriculture and benefit farmers worldwide would be only one of the positive consequences to result from the lessons learned in the heart of the agricultural South and Mid West by Dr. Will […]

Brooke’s Special Christmas

    We recently had the pleasure of receiving photos of Clista’s great grandchild, Brooke’s first Christmas. Brooke is the granddaughter of Clista’s son Todd, and they all live in northern Virginia. In the mix was a photo of a wonderful rocking horse which Todd had hand made […]


How many times have you heard the old adage, “What goes around, comes around.” Usually in connection with some event that has righted some wrong or, more likely, the come-uppence of someone you don’t really like much. Most of us are shallow enough to take pleasure in another’s bad […]


In the late seventies I had the occasion to visit Chicago on business, and my wife accompanied me to take an advanced cooking class from the renowned French chef, Jacques Pepin. One of our leading agenda items was a visit to Jean Blanchet’s highly regarded restaurant, Le Francais, […]