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Mary Jo Thibodaux, Tom Lawrence’s beguiling heroine is back!

Just in time for the beach — Front Porch Press, LLC is excited to announce the release of Tom Lawrence’s final, two, fictional novels. Both available exclusively at

in paperback and on Kindle!


Readers loved her in Jake’s Revenge, and Mary Jo Thibodaux is back with her refreshing independence, her bold disposition, and her inclination toward lethal solutions in Wu’s Byte and The Don’s Tale — completing the three-book fictional series.


(Book Two)

Wu’s Byte

Alan Brooks has thrown caution to the West Texas wind to launch a business that could make him a ton of money and have a significant impact on the world. His money-making scheme, however, has multiple hitches. One: Will it even work? Two: If it does work, is it legal? Three: Are the security risks too overwhelming? Four: Are the advancements he wants to make in the world even remotely possible?

Alan Brooks has a lot of high-stakes balls in the air, and he knows he’s in over his head. When he enlists the aid of his old friend retired army intelligence officer, Mary Jo Thibodaux, things start moving at incredible speed and in intriguing directions. Not only is the captivating Major Thibodaux, whom we first met in Tom Lawrence’s first novel, Jake’s Revenge, beautiful and smart, but she brings an unusual set of skills to the party. She’s deadly and unremorseful.


(Book Three)

The Don’s Tale

Mary Jo Thibodaux — the gorgeous, intelligent, wealthy, sexy, decisive, tough, aggressive, and often deadly protagonist — has fallen in love. The ex-counterintelligence officer, engineer, security specialist, and sometimes-sleuth has finally let her emotional guard down.

To say the least, this leading lady maintains a charmed, if not exciting, life. When Mary Jo and her fiancé, Maurice Lebeaux, travel to Europe to visit his family, readers vicariously experience France and Italy in high style. While dwelling in a luxurious Parisian apartment, Mary Jo and Maurice explore the beautiful City of Lights, eat in fine restaurants, and enjoy the opera. In Rome, their magical holiday continues — only in Italian.

When the couple finally arrives in Corsica, Maurice’s home, a business rival inflicts tragedy on the family, and the uncompromising, determined, extreme side of Mary Jo Thibodaux emerges. No strangers to violent responses, even Maurice’s occasionally merciless clan are taken aback by the lethal actions that the fierce, female warrior sets into motion.


The engaging, exciting, generally upbeat Mary Jo Thibodaux novels are best read in succession. So, if you haven’t already read Jake’s Revenge, order it along with Wu’s Byte (2) and The Don’s Tale (3) and have a little excitement, romance, treachery, deceit, action, and just plain fun following the adventures of the beguiling Mary Jo Thibodaux.

(Book One)

Jake’s Revenge

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Jake’s Revenge can be ordered for $10.95 plus $3 for shipping by mailing a check and your shipping address to Front Porch Press, LLC, 4881 Canada RD., Lakeland, TN 38002.

(Otherwise available at

at the regular price.)


Wu’s Byte and The Don’s Tale are available in paperback and Kindle exclusively at


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  1. Ordered both new books and can hardly wait. Re-read “Jake’s Revenge so I’ll be ready.
    Jim Rose III. Aka: Major James R. Aster

  2. Thanks so much, Jim! Wu’s Byte is a more “cerebral” Mary Jo, (except when someone gets in her way 🙂 ) and just when you think The Don’s Tale is only going to be a tour of Europe — look out! Tom let us see the full-blown Mary Jo in this one.

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