Southern Mystery and Suspense


Jake’s Revenge is the first of Tom Lawrence’s fictional novels. Set in and around Mobile, Alabama, retired army counterintelligence officer, Major Mary Jo Thibodaux takes on the task of unraveling a 50 year old mystery that may or may not be connected to the Kennedy family, the 1960s civil rights movement, the KKK and/or the New Orleans mob. As Jake’s Revenge develops, the reader is treated to a glimpse of the beautiful, southern city, complete with local color, coastal scenery, and a taste of scrumptious, southern food.

Comments about the book range from:

Jake’s Revenge was an entertaining page-turner.  I found myself actively reading through it one night and looked up to see that it was 4 am already!  Having such a tough, female lead was a touch unexpected, yet extremely enjoyable!  I think I’m in love with her… maybe it’s because she can kick my tail!”

to: “Jakes Revenge was a real page-turner. My husband read it after I finished, and also enjoyed it.  We don’t always read the same books, but we both found it enjoyable. My son-in-law was next. Thanks for your wonderful book! You now have three fans in my family!!! “

 Available at www.amazon.com

The next novel in the Mary Jo Thibodaux series, Wu’s Byte

will be released before the end of the year.

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  1. I ordered this book prior to the release date. I paid by check. I hope you have a record of my payment. If you need more information please let me know.

    Pearman Smith 507 Hillcrest Cleveland, MS 38732

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