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Now Available on Kindle!

Now Available on Kindle !

The Queen’s Captain

The Queen’s Captain, Tom Lawrence’s newly released novel, is now available exclusively on Amazon in paperback and in their Kindle Store on e-book.

Kindle version:


One Amazon reviewer wrote: I’ve always been intrigued by friendships between men because they’re less complicated than those of women, and this book has numerous examples of that dynamic. But, it also tells a beautiful love story between a strong man and an even stronger, feisty female!

Another wrote: This was a great period piece set during Queen Anne’s War between England and France.

The charming Will Ransom figured prominently in Tom Lawrence’s first fictional novel, Jake’s Revenge, and will reappear in two forthcoming novels in the Mary Jo Thibodaux mystery series. In this historically set piece, however, we meet the Ransom family ancestors.

Love and war; life and death; friendship and jealousy. Queen Anne’s War in 1710 provides the backdrop for countless captivating dynamics to unfold in order to introduce Captain Miles Stuart Ransom—The Queen’s Captain.

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