Tom's Books

A New Novel by Tom Lawrence !


A Ransom-Family Novel

Thomas R. Lawrence


Front Porch Press, LLC is excited to announce the publication of

Tom Lawrence’s most recent novel!



The Queen’s Captain is a fictional piece, with historical overtones, combining Tom’s passion for story-telling with his love of history.

The charming Will Ransom figured prominently in Tom’s first fictional novel, Jake’s Revenge, and will reappear in two forthcoming novels in the Mary Jo Thibodaux mystery series. In this historically set piece, however, we meet the Ransom family ancestors.

Love and war; life and death; friendship and jealousy. Queen Anne’s War in 1710 provides the backdrop for countless captivating dynamics to unfold in order to introduce Captain Miles Stuart Ransom—the Queen’s Captain.

The Queen’s Captain is now available in paperback at The Kindle version will be available soon.

(Some of you pre-ordered a copy of the book. If you haven’t received your book, please notify us at: )




 Memorial gifts in Tom’s honor may be made to the

Tom Lawrence Endowed Scholarship Fund

at Mississippi State University, MSU Foundation,

P.O. Box 6149, Mississippi State, MS 39762.  

Online donations may be made at and designate your gift for the Tom Lawrence Endowed Scholarship Fund.


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