As I Like It!

A Pause


As I Like It!

A Pause


Due to some recent, unexpected, health issues, there will be some “pauses” in the schedule of posts to my blog in the coming weeks. Your patience will be greatly appreciated during the gaps.

As you know, my views on multiple topics, such as restaurants, food, travel, and politics—to name a few— are abundant, and I’ll continue to share my thoughts as I’m able. Your continued support of this blog has been my inspiration to remain engaged in its publication, and I thank you for your loyalty.


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  1. Hello Tom:

    Sorry to learn about the health issues.

    Best wishes for your recovery.


    Bill Howard Nellysford VA >

  2. Tommy–I am so sorry to hear of your major setback of late. Please know I am thinking of you and send hopes for the best. I had been looking forward to seeing you and Clista at our 60th reunion. I know you live far from Cleveland but we hope you are feeling well enough then to come. George and I have you on our prayer list. Hugs,Betty

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  3. Lawrence; Well now… Don’t pause too long. You can take your time, but get your health issues fixed before football season starts. Our MSU Bulldogs should be better in 2017, and even much better in 2018. Remember: old age is not for the faint of heart.

  4. I just want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. As one of my very ill good friends told me recently – don’t mourn for me you SOB, you aren’t far behind me.

  5. Tommy we are with you all the way through this and thinking of you daily. I will miss your blog but you concentrate on what the doctors are telling you to do. We love you so much…Cecilia

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  6. Tom,

    I hope you get through your health issues quickly and they don’t cause you too many problems.

    Best regards,

    Jamie Jones

  7. We anticipate your restored good health and timely return to your daily reflections that keep us “thinking.” Blessings, Shayla

  8. just talked to Pat Mc on another matter and learned of your situation—Thoughts and prayers will be with you constantly–stay strong, my friend, and know that we will always be there for you

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