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JANUARY 16, 2017




As most of you know, I have a love affair with cats, but, that has not always been the case. I came to love cats late in life when I married a gal who owned a 10-year-old calico named Maggie. I had always been a dog guy, and I knew absolutely nothing about cats. Maggie spent the next 16 years educating me, but it was slow going at first.

After teaching me the difference between cats and dogs, it all began to fall into place. Once I understood that dogs think humans are their masters, while cats think humans are staff, the rest was easy going. I grew to love Maggie, and she grew to tolerate me. Maggie lived to be 26, and when we finally had to let her go, it was devastating.

After a reasonable period of mourning, we decided to get another kitty, and we wanted to adopt a homeless cat. The search led us to The House of Mews in Mid-Town Memphis. My first visit to The House of Mews was a real eye opener. The kitty adoption organization, located in a building that fronts Cooper Street in the historic Cooper-Young Historic District, was, at the time of my visit, home to almost a hundred healthy, happy cats.

Now, if you have multiple cats in your home, you’ve got to be aware that all kitties think they are the Alpha cat and any others are surplus. We have three cats living with us—reluctantly— and each of them would urge us to lose the other two. The best we can hope for is an armed truce similar to the situation in the West Bank, and yet, there was peace and harmony at The House of Mews.

We came back three times before we chose a solid white shorthair that we named Sweetie Pie. When you adopt a kitty, you have to be qualified as a fit owner, and you are expected to make a donation to help cover the neuter/spay program.

Over the years, we put The House of Mews at the top of our list of charitable causes, and I continue to make donations. I still feed and care for the kitties that call my old office home, and I wish we had a House of Mews in Opelika. There is a low-cost neuter/spay program in Montgomery, The Alabama Animal Alliance, but they don’t have nearly the facilities that the Memphis operation does. The House of Mews is truly an exceptional service.

If you’re interested in animal welfare, check out and

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