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Football Down South



JANUARY 4, 2017




The 2016 college football season is over, and the only game left will be for the National Championship on January 9. All of the bowl games have been played, and the conference report cards are written. The ACC came out as the strongest conference, with a 75% win/loss ratio. The Big 12 came in second at 71%. The SEC finished with a losing record of 6–8 for a 43% ratio, while the Pac 12 and the Big 10 took it on the chin, with ratios around 30%.

What does this mean? Not a helluva lot in the long run, but, it does underscore the parity of college football and makes it hard for the SEC to continue to claim overall superiority. Does this mean that Clemson’s record of 13–1 is better than Alabama’s 14–0? Maybe, maybe not, but, what is clear is that Clemson shut out a decent Ohio State team, and Bama struggled with Washington.

I think the strongest argument for a Clemson defeat of Bama was made by Nick Saban when he replaced Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator. Clemson has an outstanding defense, maybe the best, while Alabama’s offense has sputtered all season. Clemson’s offense will be led by a seasoned, and proven quarterback and Alabama will start a true freshman.

All of this said, the bookies are making Alabama a 6–10 point favorite, and these guys aren’t fans. They do this professionally, and they manage to stay in business. Personally, I think Bama will win a close one, but, with my record, that may be the kiss of death. We’ll see how it all comes out on January 9.

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