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A Christmas Gift For Your Elderly Parents


As I Like It!


December 21, 2016








If you’re struggling with what to buy your elderly parents for Christmas, I have some suggestions. If your parents are in their golden years, chances are they have most everything they want, but not everything they need. They may need your help.

Many older people have problems with vertigo and balance that makes climbing a ladder challenging and dangerous. Things as simple as changing a filter or a light bulb become risky, and many have difficulty picking up heavy objects and don’t need to injure their backs. For the most part, electronics are a complete mystery, and if their phones, TVs, or Kindles go on the blink, they’re lost balls in high weeds. Many aren’t able to do some of the heavy yard chores, and a little help in that area is often needed.

Growing old can be a bitch, and many seniors find it difficult to ask for help with simple things like changing a light bulb or putting something in the attic. Don’t wait until Mom or Dad is in rehab after falling off the ladder to visit, but offer to help now.

Here’s an additional hint, don’t just say, “Call me when you need me.”

Offer to come at regular intervals, and ask them to keep a list of things that need to be done. Dad doesn’t need any more ties or books. He reads on his Kindle because he can make the print big enough to see, and Mon doesn’t need another “dustable;” she’s trying to slow down with the housework. But they both need your help. This Christmas give them the gift of their dreams—your personal time and attention.


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