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Football Down South — Dec 5

DECEMBER 5, 2016

Football Down South


Football Quote of the Week

“I’m a damn good football coach, but even I can’t make chicken salad out of chicken sh-t.”

…..Coach Billy Mustin, Cleveland High School 1952


It is now official; Alabama will represent the SEC—a.k.a. Bama and the thirteen dwarfs—in the four-team playoff for the National Championship. To assure a rematch of the Sabanator and Darth Vader, the committee put Washington in Alabama’s bracket, and Ohio State was pitted against Clemson. I expect it will result in a Bama v OSU final game.

This edition of the Crimson Tide might be their best team ever. They’ve had some great ones, but there has never been a Bama team that dominated all comers like this 2016 bunch.

Ole Miss scored a whopping 43 points against the stingy Bama defense but gave up 48 to lose by 5. Auburn came within 10, and that’s as close as it got. Everyone else took a solid drubbing. To make it through a regular season in the SEC West without a really close game is nearly impossible, and there was no down to the last minute cliffhanger in 2016.

I have no reason to think that Washington or Ohio State can compete with Alabama, so the only outcome I can see is another National Championship for the Crimson Tide. Of course, that will be followed by a number one recruiting class and Nick will reload for a repeat in 2017. The truth of the matter is that the next best team in the playoffs will be Bama’s second twenty-two.

Having already determined the winner of the National Championship, I can move on to the bowl games, and there are some interesting matchups already decided. Of course, there are only two that I have a real interest in. My MSU Bulldogs will play Miami of Ohio in the St. Petersburg Bowl on Monday, December 26 in sunny Florida. The other game is the one that Ole Miss will not be playing in as a result of their thumping in the Egg Bowl. They should have never said that it’s just another game.

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  1. You guys need to go to the St. Petersburg Bowl. Grandaughter Elisabeth lives in St. Pete AND she got her degree from Ohio U. I’ll buy the 3 tickets! As far as I know, Elisabeth never went to a single football game while actually attending OU, so cause for amusement and interest all around.

  2. Ole Miss really missed an opportunity this year-probation will keep them out of post season play for at least 2017-18 if not more.
    Loss of scholarships will probably render them to the bottom of the conference during the same period. I wonder if the AD will keep Freeze after all this cheating and flagrant disregard for the NCAA.

  3. Tom: Miami of Ohio lost the first 6 games and then won the final 6 games. They likely will have the streak halted by MSU. Merry Christmas. I hope the Prince of Arogance will shine on 12/31. Jim Leyda

    • Jim, MSU can sink to the level of any opponent in a bowl game, especially if they run the triple option. As far as your local ego-maniac goes he better worry about Clemson.

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