As I Like It!


As I Like It!

 NOVEMBER 28, 2016



Football Quote of the Week

“Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”

Vince Lombardi, Green Bay Packers

egg-bowlI’m writing this on Sunday morning, November 27, 2016, and I have to admit, I feel great! Yesterday, Mississippi State stomped Ole Miss 55–20. I woke up feeling good this morning, and I’ll wake up feeling good for the next 364 days. God is in his heaven, the Golden Egg is in Starkville, and all is right with the world.

Some may say that it’s a shame that a grown man will find his well-being as a result of a game played by teenagers. Shame or not, it’s a fact. The rivalry between State and Ole Miss goes deeper than just one football game. It’s visceral and primal; it’s about the plantation mentality versus the working stiff, the Grove versus the Bull Ring, and myth versus reality. Ole Miss has been my Darth Vader, and today, the force is with the Bulldogs.

There were some other games played yesterday—some with postseason implications, such as OSU defeating Michigan and Clemson romping over South Carolina. Mississippi State will not be a part of the bowl scene, but that’s okay. We won the bowl game that counts in my world—the Egg Bowl.

In my twisted reality, Mississippi State’s 2016 football season was a success. We found a quarterback, we’ve got a bunch of young players returning, and we should have a banner recruiting year, but most of all, WE BEAT OLE MISS!!!

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  1. Seems MSU will be part of the bowl scene although at 5-7 I have doubts of our success against a team like Navy. I am excited about Fitzgerald and the future of our program if we can just develop a defense and find a kicker.

  2. Tommy you are too much, comparing Ole MS to Darth Vader. Yes, the Force was with the Bulldogs Sat. It’s the only game that matters in the end.

  3. Happy for all those Bulldogs.

    We beat Tennessee. (And Ga, “the other Bulldogs”). Life is good on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

    ‘Go Dores!

  4. Happy for you Big Red! I saw that score and smiled knowing how great you must have felt. As for my Orange, I’m still trying to get my head around that score with Pitt. 76-61? Good God. All that i can tell from the game is that it confirms my assertion that Syracuse’s defense is the worst in the nation. Period…

  5. Since you have not responded to my Wednesday phone call,, let me first congratulate you and the Bulldogs (reluctantly but sincerely)–you get both ears and the tail for this one! I DO FEEL COMPELLED to remind you that if not for a fluke off the hands of the receiver interception and run back for a td, you would have only beaten us 48-20!. So don’t get too carried away! Huge win–huge loss for Rebs–long year ahead and at our age,I am running out of next years to wait until. By the way, in my Wednesday call, I wished you a Happy Thanksgiving AND conceded the Egg Bowl to you. Enjoy–to the victor go the spoils.

  6. Too bad Ole Miss won’t be in any bowl games the next two or three years because of NCAA probation-Congratulations to the Bulldogs and hopefully they will keep Dan Mullen-who knows maybe another Dak will come along and save him for a few more years. So Tom enjoy while it last-fame is fleeting

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