Football Down South – Nov 21

NOVEMBER 21, 2016



Football Quote of the Week

“I don’t expect to win enough games to be put on NCAA probation. I just want to win enough to warrant an investigation. Bob Devaney, Nebraska.


Alabama finally had a bad day. Fortunately, it was against Chattanooga, so they were able to put away the Mocs 31–3, to remain undefeated and protect their #1 rating. Heading into the final week of the regular season, the Crimson Tide and Western Michigan are the only major teams without a loss.

Florida traveled to LSU’s Tiger Stadium to edge the Bengal Tigers 16–10, topped off by an impressive goal line stand. With seconds left, LSU was first and goal, and four plays later, they were still on the one. The Gators clinched the SEC East title and have the opportunity to upset Alabama in Atlanta.

In other SEC games, things went about as expected. The only real surprise was Vandy soundly trouncing Ole Miss 38–17. The Rebels dropped to 5–6 for the season and will need a win over rival Mississippi State to reach bowl eligibility. I watched the Mississippi State v Arkansas game and found it strange that the Razorbacks came to Starkville without a punter. At least, I never saw him.

When you speak of disappointing seasons, Ole Miss and Notre Dame have to lead the list. The Floundering Irish lost in South Bend to so-so Virginia Tech and fell to 4–7, with a road trip to 8–3 Southern California coming up. A loss to USC will leave the Irish with a 4-8 record, and that won’t work at the Golden Dome. Ole Miss badly needs to win the Egg Bowl to bolster the prospects of a dismal recruiting season and suffering from the cloud of a NCAA investigation.

Tennessee clobbered Missouri 63–37 in a track meet. Next week the Vols go to Nashville to face a pretty decent Vandy team. The Commodores are solid on both sides of the ball and will be coming off their best performance of the year. Georgia managed to win against one of Louisiana’s multi-directional schools and face arch-rival Georgia Tech next week. This game, like the Egg Bowl, has little importance to the world in general but means everything to the fans.

The Ohio State v Michigan game is not only a fierce rivalry but this year it will decide the Big Ten Championship and a berth in the Big Show. I can’t help but hope the Wolverines lay another loss on the “Prince of Arrogance”—aka Urban Meyer. Here in Alabama, the Iron Bowl is all that matters. Alabama is the home team and should be a solid favorite, but Auburn will play its best game of the year, and stranger things have happened.

2016 has been a humbling year for me. My MSU Bulldogs have suffered, and Mr. Trump’s resounding victory has been difficult to accept. I’m a loyal American, and I can say that I wish Mr. Trump every success in his Presidency, and will treat him with the respect due to the highest office in the land. I feel in my duty to be gracious in defeat where politics is concerned.

Football is a different story. I have attempted to be fair and evenhanded in writing about Ole Miss, which I’ve done out of friendship with three people who bleed Red and Blue. Pat McNease, Art Doty, and Billy Story are among my oldest friends, and I love all three, but when it comes down to the Egg Bowl, I have to be honest with myself. I hope that a miracle occurs and State stomps the Rebels. This will not surprise Pat, Art, or Billy; they never bought into my kindness concerning the citizens of the Grove. So here it is:


Gosh A Mighty!

Who in the hell are they?

Rim! Ram! Flim! Flam!

Who in the hell gives a damn?


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  1. The only miracle regarding the Egg Bowl is that anyone would want to take the time and treasure to go see it. Courage Tommy. You’ll survive the recent election. Neither party had a good candidate. The folks in the south were tired of lies and those in the Midwest needed jobs.

  2. I can’t believe you’re rooting against my home state team. A sense of superiority sometimes appears disguised or is mistaken as arrogance.

    I feel your pain with Trump, though he is likely will turn out to be a better choice than lying, crooked Hilary. I’m sure you like me, voted for the Libertarian candidate.

  3. If the Georgia Potted Plants had to play six in the SEC West, the team would not have attained eligibility for the Summer’s Eve Bowl Game. The Tech rivalry game will be key to recruting and Smart’s decision whether to plant some slow growing trees around the house.

  4. GO2LUT and GO ‘Dores! I would say, “Yea, Sewanee’s Right!; but then nobody around here knows what that, or Ecce Quam Bonum, mean. We had a perfect season: 0-10. And, YES, Tom…we got beat by Millsaps. MILLSAPS… ‘nuf said. So…GO…whatever team…as long as it is ‘down here’. chip b

  5. Your avowed “kindness” to Ole Miss was never more than a “Trojan Horse” designed to set us Rebel fans up for even worse feelings of despair when the Rebels would inevitably fail to meet your touting–or our hopes and dreams.. From 10 wins and a Sugar Bowl Championship to to 5-5 with the ominous and probable prospect of losing the Egg Bowl, the Rebels have taken a Painful Plunge to Complete Collapse against Vandy. Short of stringing barbed wire at the 30 yard line, there is no way the Rebels will stop–or even slow–Fitzgerald and the Pups. Since you noted that Arkansas brought no punter to Starkville, please also note that Ole Miss will have two on the field–Gleeson and Wonderlich and they’ll need them both. There is no joy in Mudville–or Oxford.

  6. Poor Tommy, has been around Auburn too long-next thing you know he will be writing about soy bean futures, feeder cattle and the amount of manure on the Auburn football field(and in the coaches office)-Dak like Eli only comes along once in a generation-however, Bulldogs should beat a badly mauled and discouraged Ole Miss

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