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NOVEMBER 7, 2016

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Football Quote of the Week

“How do you get a former Ole Miss football player off your porch?

Pay him for the pizza.


While I was trying to find something for this week’s football quote I thought about many of the trite phrases of “sport’s talk” coined by coaches, sportswriters, and the talking heads who tell us what we just saw. One that came to mind was; “on any day, anyone can beat anybody.” Well, if you’re looking for proof of this, I offer Mississippi State 35, Texas A&M 28 and Navy 28, Notre Dame 27.

The rest of the weekend went pretty much as expected, with the top four teams in the AP poll winning, and Michigan, Clemson, and Washington running up large scores. Alabama had to play its best game of the season to edge LSU 10–0. The Tide’s defense shut out Fournette and the Tiger’s in Death Valley, and that’s no mean feat.

Like most fans, I have good friends who pull for their favorite team and each week, and I try to mention them. Skip Johnson’s Citadel Bulldogs made it to 8–0, but storm clouds are on the horizon. John Grigg’s beloved Nittany Lions romped at Iowa, and Grant Carter’s brand of Bulldog edged Kentucky to remain bowl eligible.

A.J. Kazimi has pretty much come to grips with his Folding Irish, and Billy Story was grateful for a close Rebel win over Georgia Southern. To Ken Walslaben and his Syracuse Orangemen, I can only say “ouch.” Bill Harvey shares my wonderment and joy over Mississippi State’s upset of A&M. It promises to be short-lived though, as guess who’s coming to dinner next week? The Sabenator and his Crimson Tide.

The balance of the season promises to be exciting. The top four teams are all undefeated, and if they all win out, I believe that will be your final four for the National Championship. If one or more of them should lose a late season game, then there will be several one-loss teams that will have to be considered.

The only viable challenge to Alabama will be a resurgent set of Auburn Tigers. If the Tide survives the Iron Bowl, they’ll stomp the SEC East team and win the SEC Championship. This puts them in the position of winning another National Championship.

Michigan has to play Ohio State and if the Buckeye’s win, then it will be difficult to keep them out. If you’re going to lose just one game, lose it early. Clemson should have no trouble winning out and looks like a sure bet to make it to the big party. Washington still has USC and Arizona left before the big showdown with Washington State in Pullman.

There’s a lot of football left, and the teams that will not make the final four will be battling for bowl berths, and both Mississippi State and Ole Miss still have a chance at bowl eligibility. The Bulldogs need to win two out of their last three games, as do the Rebels. The Egg Bowl may be their only hope to make the postseason. It’s actually the only game I really care about anyway.

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  1. Tom: Nice summary and well written. I enjoyed it immensely. Although as you know, I am not from the South, I am beginning to understand the “football culture” that exists there. While intense, it seems to be a lot of fun! Thanks for the good reviews…..

  2. Bill Harvey will share even more joy if State can beat Arkansas – which is possible. The Egg Bowl – especially with recent developments in Oxford – could be very very interesting.

  3. “Ouch!” is an understatement for Syracuse. The only big thing I have to watch for in the near future is the Egg Bowl. GO STATE!

  4. Ouch should have been reserved for the Ole Miss Rebels. While prevailing over Georgia Southern, the Rebels lost two of their team captains and 90% of their offense when Chad Kelly hurt his knee on a seemingly harmless pass play and John Youngblood tore up an ankle. A win–even an unimpressive and expensive one–see above–over a lowly Georgia Southern is preferable to a loss. a promising season has turned into a nightmare with the biggest fright being 3 immenently loseable games remaining to be played with the heart of our offense gone and the heart of a nonexistent defense gone as well. To make matters worse–I am the same age as Tom and we simply are running out of “next years” to wait for. For those who would remind me of the poet’s assurance that “Hope springs eternal in the human breast…” I would remind them that the next line says, “man is always “to be” blessed” which loosely translated means not this year!

  5. Pat, please remember that “Wait Till Next Year” is the patented property of Mississippi State University. It is written in Latin over the entrance of the Bryan Athletic Building.

  6. …..and on top of all that, them Goldang Iggles outta Hattiesgulch let a kid beat ’em – he’s not but 4 years old

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