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Historical fiction filled with romance and adventure


Front Porch Press, LLC is excited to announce the publication of Tom Lawrence’s 

most recent novel!

The Queen’s Captain is a fictional piece, with historical overtones, joining Tom’s passion for story-telling with his love of history.

The charming Will Ransom figured prominently in Tom’s first fictional novel, Jake’s Revenge, and will reappear in two forthcoming novels in the Mary Jo Thibodaux mystery series. In this historically set piece, however, we meet the Ransom family ancestors.

Love and war; life and death; friendship and jealousy. Queen Anne’s War in 1710 provides the backdrop for countless captivating dynamics to unfold in order to introduce Captain Miles Stuart Ransom—the Queen’s Captain.

The Queen’s Captain is now available in paperback at and The Kindle version will soon be accessible through





Mystery Thriller: A Shiva Novel


Set in and around Mobile, Alabama, Jake’s Revenge is the first in a series of mystery/suspense novels by Tom Lawrence, which follows the “extracurricular” pursuits of retired army counterintelligence officer, Major Mary Jo Thibodaux. Jake’s Revenge finds the protagonist successfully operating her own civil engineering firm in the beautiful southern city of Mobile, but missing the exhilaration that her colorful military career provided.

Her intensity itch is effectively scratched when she’s offered the task of unraveling a 50 year old mystery that may or may not be connected to the Kennedy family, the 1960s civil rights movement, the KKK and/or the New Orleans mob. As the book develops, the reader begins to fully understand why Mary Jo Thibodaux is worthy of her army nickname, “Shiva the Destroyer.”


My Magic Year for Tom's Blog


Mississippi State 2014 Football


In 2014, Mississippi State’s Bulldogs were voted the #1 team for several weeks in mid-season, and My Magic Year chronicles—through the eyes of a life-long fan—the season as it unfolded. The Dawg’s ended the season with losses to Alabama and Ole Miss and were crushed in a bowl game, but as excruciating as it was, it was still our best season since 1941.


Tales of Mississippi State College in the 1950s




When I arrived on the Mississippi State campus in the fall of 1957, I immediately fell in love. Mississippi State and I were made for each other, and I loved every minute of my four years there. Cow College is my attempt to capture the flavor and character of my alma mater.


WillDFrontCoverfinal version Aug 11

will d…a life in science

Biography of Dr. Will D. Carpenter


A passion for science and a lifelong dedication to it placed Dr. Will D. Carpenter in the very thick of some of the most important science related events of the twentieth century. His wide-ranging work during his distinctive career as an American scientist played a vital role in increasing world food production and in developing the Chemical Weapons Treaty, which resulted in the formation of the Nobel prize-winning Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

It was my great honor to be chosen to write the story of Dr. Will D. Carpenter and to bring to light his many achievements as a scientist, statesman, and philanthropist. I am proud to call Will my friend and mentor.


Tales of the Mississippi Delta 



I grew up in a great place, at a great time. The Mississippi Delta in 1950 was a haunting and beautiful place. We hunted, fished, played sports, and did a lot of just plain fooling around. Delta Days is my attempt to pay tribute to my long gone youth, experienced in a long gone place.







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  1. Tom, I would like to get two of your books: Jake’s Revenge and Delta Days. Am sending a check per your instructions. Thanks.

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