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October 31 – Football Down South


OCTOBER 31, 2016


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Football Quote of the Week

“Always remember that Goliath was a forty point favorite over David.”

Shug Jordan/Auburn


The 2016 season rolled into week nine, with nine major conference teams still undefeated. Only five survived, and two of those had a bye week. At this point, most of the patsies have been beaten, so each game is against a viable opponent. Sure there were surprises, but no earth-shaking upsets.

I guess the biggest shock came with Boise State’s loss at Wyoming. Sometimes a greener field can be hostile. Wisconsin hung on to knock Nebraska back into reality, with a close OT win, while Texas took out Baylor 35–34. The least surprising of the four losses was Oklahoma State’s romp over West Virginia in Stillwater. I should mention that the Bulldogs of the Citadel kept their undefeated season intact, with a 45–10 win over East Tennessee. Smile Skip!

There are now five remaining major conference teams without a loss: Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington and Western Michigan. Three or more of these will probably be in the playoffs for the National Championship. Alabama has LSU and Auburn remaining and could stumble in either game. Probably won’t, but the Tide still needs to bring it’s A game.

Michigan should win its next three games, but the finale with Ohio State could be a problem. If both OSU and Michigan win out before the BIG GAME, there’s a good chance that the winner will make the playoffs. Clemson has the most favorable schedule to end up undefeated, and barring a MAJOR upset, will represent the ACC in the championship.

Washington has USC and hated rival, Washington State, remaining, and should probably beat both to join Clemson at the party. Western Michigan should win their remaining games and finish undefeated. The Broncos will be lurking on the edge of the playoff picture, hoping for a miracle. I can’t see them beating out a one-loss Alabama, Michigan, or Ohio State, but then I don’t have a vote, do I?

Other games of interest in week 9 found Auburn adding insult to injury by whipping Ole Miss in Oxford. The Rebel’s dropped to 3–5 and will have to win three of their last four games to be bowl eligible. I was glad to see Penn State keep up the good work by trouncing Purdue 62–24. Smile John!

My Mississippi State Bulldogs managed to outscore mighty Samford in a 56-41 offensive extravaganza. If anyone ever punted, I missed it. Don’t think I don’t appreciate the win; I do, but maybe we need a little work on defense.

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  1. As a tee wee ratings solution for the SEC championship game in Atlanta, the East winner should call in sick so that the West’s runnerup can provide for a competitive game.

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