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Oct 10, 2016

Quote of Week

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”



As most of you know, Clista and I eat out a lot. Cooking for two is difficult for someone who is used to cooking for a family, and besides, Clista has served her time before the stove and sink. As a result, we are always on the lookout for new places to dine. Since we live a hundred miles from Birmingham and Atlanta, and it’s even less to Columbus, Georgia and Montgomery, we have a lot of places to try.

Whenever someone recommends a new restaurant, we make an effort to give it a try. If it turns out to be something special, I review it in As I Like It! Trying new restaurants reminds me of the fairy tale that says, “you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a Prince,” but as Jack Crystal used to say, “I’d rather be lucky than good.” Lately we’ve been lucky. A couple of weeks ago we stumbled across Fat Man’s BBQ in Montgomery, and I wrote it up. Click Here to Read.

This past weekend we planned to visit Columbus, so we asked our friends Mike and Jean McCain to meet us for dinner. Since they live in the Columbus area, we left the choice of restaurants to them. We agreed to meet at a place called Wood Stone.

We finished our business a little early, and Clista set WAZE to lead us to the establishment. When we arrived, the Wood Stone looked like a converted Shoney’s Big Boy, and at 5:45 the parking lot was empty. Our hearts sank. This frog didn’t look like a Prince, and we recited our old adages, “don’t practice contempt before investigation,” and “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Never judge a restaurant by its parking lot. We lowered our expectations, and went in.

Just as we suspected, we were the only customers in sight. Granted, it was still early for dinner, but we knew right away that the Wood Stone didn’t depend on senior citizens for a living. We were seated by a smiling young lady, who welcomed us profusely. We explained that we were meeting another couple, and she brought menus and water while we waited.

By the time Mike and Jean came in, I’d given the menu a look and concluded that there was no way this joint could successfully prepare the variety of Greek and Italian dishes offered. I didn’t share my concerns with my companions, but decided to order the pizza. How could they screw up a pizza? Clista decided to take a chance, and ordered the chicken souvlaki with basmati rice. Jean also had a pizza, and Mike played it safe with spaghetti and meatballs.

Just before our food arrived, the waitress placed a huge two-tiered metal rack on the table. Next came two—at least 18”— pizzas, steaming with toppings. They looked like manhole covers. Clista’s and Mike’s entrees were served, and I took a large slice of pizza. It was delicious. I’ve eaten pizza in New York and Rome, but this was a good as it gets, and there was enough to feed the table.

Clista’s chicken was cooked on bamboo skewers and seasoned to perfection. When I tasted the basmati rice, it was so good that I intend to return as soon as possible just to order it. Mike said the spaghetti had just a touch of red pepper that set it aside from the usual sauce. The meal was a complete success and the service was first class. The Wood Stone far exceeded our expectations, and I’m looking forward to returning soon. This frog turned out to be Prince Charming.



Footballs quote of the week

“A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall.” Frank Leahy/Notre Dame

THE GOOD   The Washington Huskies sent a message, by stomping Oregon 70–21. That message said, “We’ll be there at playoff time.” Washington State helped the Huskies by trouncing Stanford 42–16.

Alabama had another average day at the office, taking care of business and the Arkansas Razorbacks 45–30. The Tide makes a big win in Fayetteville look routine.

Maryland’s vision of grandeur came to an abrupt halt in Happy Valley, as Penn State gave them a dose of reality, 38–14. The same thing happened to North Carolina at the hands of Virginia Tech. Oklahoma outlasted Texas in one of those “who gets the ball last” games, and squeaked by 45–40.

THE BAD       I’m always amazed when one of the military academies manages to dominate one of the “win at any cost” universities. Navy made Houston look doubly bad in a 46–40 upset, beating the over-rated Cougars.

Tennessee came close to making a miraculous comeback and beating Texas A&M in College Station. Unfortunately, it was a football game, not horseshoes or hand grenades.”

I have included Miami’s close loss to Florida State in the bad category. Both teams had multiple opportunities to win it, but the Hurricanes just didn’t want it enough.

THE UGLY     Mississippi State’s first half against Auburn was as ugly as it gets. I almost went to the game, so ask me how glad I am that I didn’t. I left to go feed my cats before halftime.

Notre Dame will probably blame Hurricane Matthew for their performance against North Carolina State. I’ll just point out that the rain fell equally on both teams, and one wonders what the Wolf Pack could have done on a dry field. The Fighting Irish are 2/4 for the season, and that just doesn’t work in South Bend. Look for a top level coaching job to open up soon.

AND WHO CARES              Mississippi State played a little better in the second half, and Gus took his foot off the gas pedal. Ho Hum.

NEXT WEEK:            Next Friday my Bulldogs will travel to Utah to face a BYU team flushed with a recent trouncing of Michigan State. Keep an eye on next week’s Ugly, and we’ll examine just how the trip tuned out. Come to think of it, since the game starts at 9:15, I may do myself a favor and just go to bed.

N.C. State will try to make it two upsets in a row when they travel to Clemson. The Wolf Pack can hope for another hurricane, but Clemson ain’t the Folding Irish, so Katrina probably wouldn’t be enough.

Alabama will visit the Home of Hostility in Knoxville next Saturday to silence Rocky Top, while Ole Miss invades Fayetteville and slams another nail in the Razorback’s pine box.

It’s hard for an SEC fan to work up much interest in what happens on the left coast, but I’ve always felt that Washington State and Mississippi shared desperation and futility, so I’ll be pulling for the Cougars against UCLA.

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  1. Again you leave Georgia wilting in the shade. A win over the Commodores will have the Dawgs almost eligible for a bid to the WD-40 Bowl – a loss will find Kirby Smart silently on the clock.

    Keep us posted on the rumor that the SEC West will allow the East to merge with the ACC.

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