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SEPT 12, 2016

Quote of Week

“We never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public.”


I noticed the big dogwood tree in our backyard had begun to turn that rusty color, and the sunlight seemed to have a golden hue. Fall is coming to South Alabama, bringing with it football, dove hunting, and much cooler nights.

As summer draws to a close and the Holiday Season looms on the horizon, my thoughts always turn to my childhood. I can close my eyes and smell burning cottonseed hulls, football locker rooms, and spent shotgun shells.

I can hear the music of the Red Tops, the band playing our fight song, and the hurly burly sounds of the fair.

I can feel the chill that comes with deer stands and duck blinds, the warmth of goose down, and I can taste my grandmother’s quail and gravy.

Fall has always been my favorite season, and each year at this time I take a trip down memory lane.



Football quote of the week

The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped.—Lou Holtz

The second week of the 2016 season lacked games pitting two top teams. There were a lot of top teams playing schedule fillers, and for the most part, these lesser lights took their whipping and their check, and slid quietly into the night. The SEC bounced back from last week’s poor showing against out of conference teams. The conference went 7–0 in week two.

THE GOOD   In games that featured teams of reasonably equal talent, there were some good games. Mississippi State rebounded to beat SEC, East South Carolina in a hard fought battle to avoid the conference cellar. Quarterback, Nick Fitzgerald looked promising in his first full game as a starter. He set a school record for a QB rushing, with 195 yards. He added 178 passing and 2 TDs. Dak ran a lot early in his career, but never for 195 yards.

Florida looked like it has found an offense in a 45–7 romp over Kentucky, and Vandy took rival Middle Tennessee 47–24.

Arkansas managed to win a shoot-out with TCU, 41–38, and Tennessee lived up to its pre-season hype by outscoring Virginia Tech 45–24.

THE BAD       When a top 25 team plays a sacrificial lamb, it’s always distressing for the lamb to fight back. Nichols State gave the Georgia Bulldogs a dose of reality by refusing to go away. They fought to the wire before losing 26–24, #2 ranked Clemson had its hands full subduing Troy State, and LSU finally wore down Jacksonville State.

AND THE UGLY       Sometimes the door mat rises up and bitch slaps the guy cleaning his feet, and the Oklahoma State Cowboys took it on the chin against Central Michigan. Just like I said after Mississippi State’s brain fart against South Alabama, they should have never been in the position where a field goal mattered.


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  1. Notice the Red Tops were mentioned in your latest blog. Bill Morris and I collaborated on an article on this group at Rufus McKay’s funeral in Vicksburg. I attached it if you have not already seen it. Bill Harvey

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