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SEPT 5, 2016

Quote of Week

“Don’t argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”



Regardless of your personal opinion, you’ll have to admit that this year’s Presidential race is shaping up as one for the record books. The pundits and pollsters seem to be slanted, depending on the political position of the pundit or pollster. Fox News is saying that Trump has narrowed Clinton’s lead to 2%, which is well within the margin of error. CNN, on the other hand, will tell you that Clinton has an 8% lead. Polling can be made to obtain whatever result is desired by the pollster.

I decided to conduct a completely unbiased and statistically sound poll of my own. Recently, I sent the following questions to a random selection of 100 followers of my blog. Here are the questions and the answers.

  • Do you intend to vote in the presidential election in November?
    1. Yes                                     68%
    2. No                                     9%
    3. Maybe                                     23%
  • Which of the candidates will you vote for?
    1. Hilary Clinton 23%
    2. Donald Trump 21%
    3. Gary Johnson                                      9%
    4. None of your damn business 47%
  • If you plan to vote for Clinton, why?
    1. I think she is the best candidate   8%
    2. I still like Bill 23%
    3. She’s a woman 13%
    4. I think Trump is a lunatic 56%
  • If you plan to vote for Trump, why?
    1. I think he is the best candidate 18%
    2. I liked to see him say, “You’re Fired” 8%
    3. He’s not a woman 12%
    4. I think Hilary is a liar & a thief 62%
  • If you plan to vote for Johnson, why?
    1. I think he’s the best candidate 58%
    2. He ain’t Clinton or Trump 42%
  • What do you see as the major issues in 2016?
    1. The economy   7%
    2. The war on terror   6%
    3. Immigration   4%
    4. I hate the other candidate’s guts 83%

After a thorough and scientific analysis of the polling data, the most compelling results were:

  • Who I’m going to vote for is none of your business.
  • I plan to vote for the lesser of two evils.
  • Issues don’t really matter.
  • Bill could be re-elected



“It isn’t necessary to see a good tackle, you can hear it.”-Knute Rockne






I’m writing this on Sunday morning, following the first Saturday of the 2016 season, so I can’t comment on Ole Miss or Notre Dame. I will share my opinion of the rest.

THE GOOD   Alabama’s football program is almost unbelievable. Last season saw the departures of key personnel on both sides of the program and the loss of Kirby Smart, their defensive coordinator, and 2016 was to be a rebuilding year. Well they rebuilt! The Tide took a highly rated USC to the woodshed, and applied a 52–6 coaching clinic.

Auburn played a great defensive game against #2 Clemson, but lost a close one 19–13. One has to wonder at a coach who cannot figure out who to start at the key position of QB. Auburn’s offense never stood a chance. The Tigers have SEC quality players and deserve better coaching.

Kirby Smart’s debut win over North Carolina was impressive. The Bulldogs looked talented and well coached, and Kirby’s sideline antics were among the best since the Old Ball Coach hung it up.

By whipping a darn good Oklahoma team, Houston made it known that last year’s success will continue into 2016.

A&M beat a good UCLA team at home, and might well be one of the best in the SEC West.

THE BAD       The SEC looked like less than the best conference in the country, with close wins for Tennessee and Arkansas and losses by LSU and Kentucky. All four of these teams will play better in the future.

AND THE UGLY       Mississippi State managed to blow a 17–0 halftime lead and miss a chip shot last minute field goal in a 21–20 upset by South Alabama. It would be easy to place the blame for this debacle on Dan Mullen and his staff, but the truth of the matter is that South Alabama matched up to the Bulldogs in talent, and wanted the game more. This was a big win for the Jaguars.

I don’t believe Mississippi State’s 2016 season is ruined by a long shot. Mullen will recover from Saturday’s disappointment, and he’ll beat some folks he shouldn’t. State has some talented players, maybe not enough to win many games in the SEC West, but we’ll be better than Saturday.

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  1. Not surprisingly, I disagree with your defense of Dan Mullen–the fault lies solely at the feet of Dan and his staff–they are the ones who recruited the talent that matched up so well with the South Alabama Jaguars. As Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here….” As for the rest of the season, well–Tech and Ten comes to mind.

    I am writing this after Monday nights debacle so I’ll say Mr. Truman’s comments are equally applicable for the Ole Miss coaching staff. With talent close to if not equal to that of FSU, the Rebel coaches watched in total bewilderment as a 22 point lead evaporated right before their eyes. No adjustments to the adjustments that Jimbo Fisher dialed up.

    Overall, it was a dismal day for the mighty SEC and especially for Coaches M–Mullen, Malzahm, Miles and Wommack. (OK, Wommack doesn’t start with M but it has two in it and his pass defense was doubly deficient!}

    Now, when you begin your diatribe about certain recruiting and discilinary practices and programs, let me remind you that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks, Will Redmond and Jeffrey “Rocky” Simmons–two names that come to mind quickly!

    • I can understand your frustration with the FSU game, but I think you may have missed the real problem. Yes, the Bears were manhandled in the second half, yes, the buck stops at Freeze but the real failure was in the hands of the University’s Department of Player Procurement. Y’all will only be as good as your purchasing arm and some how they missed defensive backs and defensive linemen. So much money and so little results and just over the horizon I see Georgia and Alabama looming. .

  2. I’m writing this after Georgia narrowly escaped what would have been a terribly humiliating loss to Nicholls State with apologies for taking issue with the potted plant comment about the significance of the UGA/UNC game. Today UGA’s performance wasn’t much better than that of a potted plant. Their upcoming opponents must be smiling. I am very disappointed to say the least.

    • While the rest of the SEC teams were playing cupcake games, Georgia (pronounced Jaw-ja for those of you near Cleveland) scheduled an extremely (cough,cough) tough Nicholls State as their home opener. Strength of schedule is very important when at season’s end the Meinke Muffler Bowl selection committee is issuing invitations. Cheer up J.Loyd, the upcoming Ole Miss game should provide plenty of disappointment for Jawja fans.

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