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The weather is heating up, as is the presidential election, and it appears that Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have secured their party’s nominations. The conventions will take place in July: first the Republicans on the 18th, and then the Democrats on the 25th. If Hilary and The Donald survive any last minute attempts to derail them, they will each be the standard bearer for their party in November.

The general election will present the voters with the most clearly defined differences of political policy since the race in 1932 between Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt. Hilary’s domestic platform will be based on continuing to promote the liberal democratic credo of expanding the role of government in the everyday lives of all Americans.

Trump will campaign on reducing the role of government and protecting the rights of individual freedom. In foreign policy, Trump will lean toward isolationism, and a vague concept of America First. Hilary will seek to expand the U.S. role in international affairs, and rebuild our traditional relationships with our European allies.

Both candidates are the viewed by their opponents as the very antithesis of what America stands for. Hilary is the only democrat that the far right fears more than Barak Obama, and Trump scares the left to the point of hysteria. Both will carry their party’s ideological purist, but the election will be decided in the less fanatical middle of the political spectrum. Whatever the outcome, this country will be committed to decades of a new direction.


The Buck stops….

Lucky Strike goes …

Snap, Crackle and …

I thot I saw a puddy…



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  1. Hmmm. Trump may campaign on a reduced role of government and increased individual freedoms, but his fascist predisposition belies the likely result if he is elected. I haven’t heard much on the more libertarian isolationism from him, though that would be welcome. Hilary would further us along on the road to perdition. Hard choice: Fascism or Socialism. Wait! Vote Gary Johnson!

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