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MAR 21

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This weekend there was a story in the local newspaper reporting the new rules that will go into effect at Jordan Hare stadium for the 2016 football season. It seems that no one will be allowed to carry a bag of any sort into the stadium. Only 1 gallon clear plastic bags with essential personal items will be allowed. The Ayatollahs at Auburn explained that this would heighten the level of security. How many years will it be before you can only attend a game if you’re naked and have submitted to a cavity search?


It is interesting to watch the Republican Party destroy itself. The Donald has made it almost a certain win for the Democrats. If Trump gets the nomination, he will have a difficult time beating Hillary Clinton with the half-hearted support of the Republican leadership. If he doesn’t get the nomination, he will surely walk out of the convention and run as a third party candidate. Again, Hillary wins. No matter the outcome, the Republican Party as we know it is toast.

If that’s not scary enough to chill the heart of any neo-con, then picture Bill Clinton and Barak Obama campaigning to defeat any Republican senator or representative up for re-election. Obama has proven his ability to bring out the ethnic and younger voters, while Bill Clinton still has a great appeal to the middle of the road and undeclared voters. There are 434 house seats and 34 senate seats up for grabs. It just happens that 24 of the 34 senate seats are currently held by Republicans, and ten are considered to be vulnerable. The loss of seven of these seats, and the re-election of all ten democrats, will cost the Grand Old Party its control of the senate. The house is even more exposed to a party change, especially if there is a split ticket. This November may be the most interesting election in recent history.

The current state of the Republican Party can be traced to the NRC’s willingness to embrace the far right Mullahs and the Tea Party Radicals. While the boys from Yale, Harvard and Princeton were looking the other way, the inmates have taken over the asylum and made Donald Trump a serious factor. I can’t figure any scenario that doesn’t result in a Democratic landslide in November.


Several weeks ago, I mentioned that the single most exciting sporting event I’d ever witnessed was the U.S. Hockey victory over the USSR in the 1980 Olympics, and I shared that the ninth most exciting was the “Immaculate Reception,” when Franco Harris scored a last minute touchdown to give Pittsburg the NFL title over Oakland. Here is my eighth most exciting moment.

No. 8  “Saban’s Give Me a Second.” Nov. 30 2013            The Iron Bowl of 2013 was played at Auburn’s Jordan Hare Stadium. Alabama was the topped ranked team in the nation, and a ten point favorite. Late in the fourth quarter, Auburn rolled a punt dead on the Alabama one yard line. The Tide’s A.J. McCarron threw a short pass that turned into a 99 yard touchdown, the longest in Alabama history. Bama protected that 28–21 lead, until Auburn started a drive with 2:41 left, moving the ball to the Alabama 39 yard line. With 32 seconds remaining, Auburn scored on a 39 yard pass play to tie the game at 28–28

Alabama drove to the Auburn 38 yard line, and Bama’s running back stepped out of bounds just as the clock ran out. Alabama coach Nick Saban pitched a fit, and finally convinced the officials that one second remained on the clock. The Tide tried for a game winning field goal, which was wide and short. Auburn’s punt returner, Chris Davis, fielded that ball and returned it from nine yards deep in the end zone, for a 100 yard touchdown: Auburn 34, Bama 28.

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  1. Best I have ever seen.

    Thank you for this.

    And thank you for the political insight. As a Yellow Dog Democrat, my concern is that you may be right; there may be a Democratic landslide for Pres, House and Senate – and the left wing crazies will run amok. Not a pretty sight.

    And my Republican friends have a real dilemma. One asked at lunch last Thursday, “What am I going to do if the election is between Trump and Clinton? HOW CAN I VOTE AGAINST TWO CANDIDATES?”


    Bill Howard Nellysford VA >

  2. You seem to know as much about politics as Football. P c all the way. If this is your Take on the voters please stop my blog. Don’t have time for fools Chester

    Sent from my iPad


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