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My 2016 Beg-a-thon has been concluded, and I’m pleased with the results. Through the efforts of a dozen or so of my readers, we were able to add 140 new subscribers, or a 63% increase. The number of subscribers is important to us, along with the number of people visiting our site each week.

I am happy to announce that Shayla Simpson won the contest, and will soon be receiving the framed painting of the Mississippi Delta by Deborah Fagan Carpenter. Congratulations, and my deepest appreciation to Shayla. Copies of the painting will be going out to everyone who participated, again with my heartfelt appreciation.

Yes Virginia, football season is really over. Last night’s defensive struggle, won by the Denver Bronco’s over the Carolina Panthers, nailed the lid on2015. The Bronco defense sacked Cam Newton seven times, and caused turnovers in key situations. The Panther defense played just as well, virtually neutralizing Peyton Manning, in what was surely his last appearance on a football field.

The game warmed the heart of anyone who ever played defensive football, and proved that even the best offense in the league can be contained if you have the horses on defense. Denver had the horses, including the MVP.

The most amazing thing about the game to me was that Clista watched the whole thing. This was, to my knowledge the first football game she has ever voluntarily watched. Not only did she watch it, she texted back and forth with her buddy Ida Lee, who is a huge Denver fan. This proves that if you’re patient and live long enough, you’ll see everything on earth.

Donald Trump was taken to the woodshed in Iowa. He found out that grass roots politics will prevail over blustering rhetoric and media exposure every time. Neither Trump nor Ted Cruz have faced an election yet. Iowa was decided by the caucus system, but at least those who participated in Iowa’s caucuses were not fooled by a lousy comb-over. In the aftermath of the rout in Iowa, Trump is screaming foul and fraud, and franticly looking for someone to fire. A glance in the mirror might offer a “candidate.”

On the Democratic side we seem to really have a race. Hillary finds herself in a political life or death struggle with an elderly Jewish guy who has the guts to tell the voters that they must face up to some unwanted realities—particularly in health care and social services.

Tomorrow the voter’s will speak for the first time in the New Hampshire primary. Bernie Sanders has a multi-digit lead over Hillary, and Trump is heavily favored over the field on the Republican side. Anything less than a 20 point win will be a defeat for The Donald.

Putting aside football and politics for a moment, I’d like to address something of real importance—Clista’s Sweet & Sour Soup. She may not be the most knowledgeable football fan, but she’s a soup making maven. Since we had a variety of chores scheduled, she put on a pot of soup that gave us an easy meal on Saturday night. Here is her version of a Thai favorite and it is wonderful:





2 Tbs of Olive Oil

3 Cloves of minced garlic

2 Tbs of minced ginger

6 Scallions, minced whole, green & white.

1 Lb. of ground pork

6 Cups of chicken broth

1 Lb of firm tofu cut in ½ in cubes

8 Oz. of Cremini Mushrooms, sliced

½ Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Tsp of sugar

3 Tbs of soy sauce

1 Tbs of toasted sesame oil

1 Tbs of Sriracha Sauce

2 Large eggs.


Heat oil in medium pan until swirling, but not smoking

Add garlic, ginger, scallions and pork

Stir gently until meat is fully cooked, them break meat apart with potato masher.

Add broth and return to gentle boil

Add Tofu, mushrooms, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and sriacha sauce

Return to gentle boil and simmer for 15 minutes

Whisk eggs and slowly whip into strands



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  1. Tommy, where do you get good tofu in Opelika? I like the stuff when it’s served in a restaurant. When I have purchased it my own self, it is not tender. Any suggestions? Thanks and thanks for the recipe!

    Anne Stallworth McKeown 601.624.3634


    • Anne, Clista tells me that you must decide what you’re going to do with the tofu. If you’re making a dip get the soft version, but for entrees and soups you’ll need firm to extra firm and she gets it at Earthfare.

  2. My mother watched the Superbowl?! What did you drug her with that both focused her attention and kept her awake?

    Gary Johnson for President!

    Peyton: Not so great a performance. Give us one more year; maybe with the Cowboys.

    • She seemed to be awake, I think texting with Ida Lee did the trick. I know Johnson is a libertarian, but is he an atheist? Peyton needs to retire while he can walk without cane.

  3. Great insight Tom, as concerns the important issues of the day. I enjoy your style of commentary.

    Marvin Ellison

    Sent from my iPad


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