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Just as PBS has a never ending beg-a-thon, so does As I Like It! Unlike PBS however, we are not asking for money but rather your help in beefing up our subscriber base. We currently have over 200 subscribers, and they are the reason we enjoy posting articles on food, travel, and historical events.

Since we don’t sell advertising nor do we rent out our subscriber list, there is no economic motive for wanting more subscribers. I’ll admit to a little ego here, but the main motivator is improving our search engine position. The math is simple, the more people going to and reading our blog, the higher we appear on Google and the other search engines.

Anoither Delta Day sized for blog postAgain, taking a cue from PBS, we are offering a prize for your help. Everyone who participates in our drive will receive a print of Deborah Fagan Carpenter’s oil and mixed media painting, Another Delta Day. The person who scores the highest will receive the 12” x 22” beautifully framed original. This textured oil painting is the companion piece to the one that was used for the cover of my book Delta Days: Tales of the Mississippi Delta.

Here’s how the contest works. We will provide each of you with a sample email asking your friends to check us out and subscribe, and copy me at tom@cap-consult.com. For every copy of an email that I receive, you will be credited with one point, and if your email results in a new subscription, you will be awarded five points. The contest will run until March 1, 2016, and the person with the most points will win the painting. Everyone who participates with at least one email will receive a print of the painting.

Here is the suggested email, but feel free to use one of your own if you’d rather. You can just cut and paste this to the body of your email.

Dear NAME,

For the past couple of years I have been a subscriber to Tom Lawrence’s blog, As I Like It! and I’d like to recommend it to you. Tom writes about food and travel and a lot of SEC football. He also will include pieces of fiction based on historical facts. I find his writing entertaining and interesting, and the main thing I like is that it takes but a moment of my time to read. You can check it out by clicking on www.tomlawrenceblog.com to see for yourself.

If you’d like to receive Tom’s post via email, simply go to www.tomlawrenceblog.com and look to the right hand side of the home page to “Subscribe now.” Enter your e-mail address and click on “Subscribe.” You will receive an email asking you to “confirm,” and simply hit the “follow” option.

There is biographical information about Tom, as well as a list of the four books he’s written. I hope you’ll give his blog a try.

Your name

Be sure to copy me at tom@cap-consult.com so I can give you credit for your help.


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  1. Tom

    Here’s what I can do. Sure I can send this to my email list and am happy to do so. I can also send to my Facebook list that has over 2000 names. Plus I can write about it in my column. I have lots of readers.

    You tell me what works for you. Glad to help out.


    • Jim, All three of these would be an enormous boost to me. I follow your column in the local papers on Friday and enjoy it very much. If you do all three I suspect you’ll win a very nice painting. Thanks for the interest.

  2. Tom-another little known resource that could use some publicity-the Customs House Museum in Cairo, IL. Voluntary entrance fee, run by volunteers, open Tues-Fri, 10-12 and 1-3. You might also mention how to pronounce Cairo-“careO”, or Karo as in the syrup. Joe

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