DECEMBER 13, 2015

Believe it or not, I’ve finally completed the fifth draft of my novel titled: Jake’s Revenge. The protagonist is Mary Jo Thibodeaux, an ex-Apache pilot, with two tours of duty in Iraq. Because of her skill in hand-to-hand combat, her commanding officer gave her the nickname of Shiva, The Goddess of Death.

The book is in the hands of the final editor, and I plan to begin seeking an agent to find a mainline publisher. If, after a reasonable amount of time no one shows any interest, I’ll publish it through Front Porch Press, LLC. In either event, I hope to see it published some time in 2016.

This is the first week for my new blog format. For the past four months I have posted a football piece and a non-football piece each week. Now I will be posting a current events piece titled: WHAT’S HAPPENING each week, along with a piece of short fiction. I hope the new format is interesting, and I would appreciate some feedback—pro or con.

While we don’t travel as much as we used to, we still like good food, and I’d like to share some recent finds.

ANELO GRILL FAIR PLAY SOUTH CAROLINA   “If you build it they will come,” and a remote location can be overcome by delivering outstanding food. The Anelo Grill sits in a trailer on a gravel lot along Highway 11, near the metropolis of Fair Play, SC. If you are southbound on I-85 heading to Atlanta, take the last exit in South Carolina, and head west. The Anelo is about fifteen miles on the left.

Getting there is the grill’s only drawback, because the burgers are outstanding. The Anelo serves locally grown Angus beef and makes their patties oversized. The rich flavor of the grilled beef is perfect, and there is not a lot of extra grease. Let’s face it, a good hamburger depends on the quality of the beef, and all the other stuff is just an accompaniment.

The Anelo burger should be eaten as plainly as possible to get the full impact of the beef. I chose to have mine with mayo and lettuce, and left off the various add-ons such as fried green tomatoes, onion rings, and a host of other stuff. If you have quality beef you don’t need anything masking its flavor. The Anelo has the best beef patty I’ve ever had on a store bought burger.

WILLIAMS GROCERY HARALSON GEORGIA    If you think Fair Play South Carolina is hard to find, try Haralson Georgia. Fair Play is a feeder route leading to Clemson University and Lake Hartwell, a large recreational area. Haralson is in between Gay and Senoia, and isn’t on the way to anywhere. Remote, but worth the 70 mile drive from Opelika.

Its hog killing time, and that means that Tony is making his smoked sausage again. My friend, Bobby Davis introduced me to Williams’s sausage by giving us a couple of pounds last spring. I consider myself something of a sausage maven, and I have never met a sausage I really didn’t enjoy. I’m not mad about Boudin, but I still occasionally enjoy its unique flavor. I’m a big fan of Conecuh Sausage, made in Greenville, Alabama, and consider it the best of the factory made smoked sausage.

Williams is totally hand made. It’s available beginning in November and lasting until Tony sells it all. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Williams’s sausage is a perfect example of what I call “country smoked sausage.” It has the perfect amount of fat that is needed. It’s great for breakfast, and it also makes an outstanding appetizer. I drove over on Tuesday and picked up my order, and Clista has vacuum packed it so we have a freezer full that will have to last until next November.

BOJANGLES CAJUN CHICKEN      It is rare that I will mention a fast food chain’s product. It’s not that I don’t think they have good food, I do. I regularly eat McDonald’s Sausage & Egg McMuffin for breakfast, and I’ll kill for a Wendy’s Frosty, so I’m not prejudiced against fast food. Recently I have become an avid fan of Bojangles fried chicken. Like my love of smoked sausage, I think I know a little about fried chicken.

There is no question that home cooked fried chicken is the best you can get. Some folks do a better job than others, but it’s all darn good. It also makes a total wreck out of the kitchen, fills the house with cooking odors—lip-smacking, but odors none the less. Frying chicken covers the stove with a light film of grease and requires extensive clean up, therefore fried chicken is rare at our house. I have accepted this, and have turned to commercial sources. Bojangles is my favorite.

The chicken is breaded with just the right amount of crust, and the Cajun seasoning is very good. Bojangles serves it hot and fresh, and the meat is moist and tender. It may not be my grandmother’s chicken, but then she isn’t serving it up anymore. If you love fried chicken I can heartily recommend Bojangles.

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  1. Since I spent a lot of time in North Carolina when I was on the road, I also learned to like Bojangles – I think the vinegar-y cole slaw is good too.

  2. I’m with you on the Anelo Grill. Great burgers.

    Dearth of Bojangles up hear in Yankee land though. Have to rely on the Randi, Hunter family take on chicken. The best, but infrequently served for the reasons you list.

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