football week three

Ole Miss pounced on my Bulldogs like white on rice. They scored on offense and defense, and soon had a 28–3 lead. The rest of the game wasn’t important. MSU lost it early, and never had a chance. The Golden Egg will remain in Oxford for another year, and it’s something that we’ll just have to live with, but we darn sure don’t have to like it.

Ole Miss lived up to its MSRP, and really took it to my Dogs. Their 5 Star recruits played like 5 Stars, especially their defensive tackle, No. 5 whose name is unpronounceable. Strange name or not, he should go high in the NFL draft, along with Treadwell, Tunsil, and Engram, their great tight end. These guys played well, but the difference in the game was Chad Kelly.

The Bullies couldn’t contain Kelly, and his running ability converted 3rd and long on several key occasions. In addition to his running, he is a pin-point passer with great receivers. Everything worked for the Rebels, but not much for State. Ole Miss finished the regular season 9–3, and second in the SEC West. They’ll probably play post season in the Sugar Bowl. Not the finish that I had predicted, but pretty darn good.

I was pleased with two aspects of Mississippi State’s game. First, they never quit. They shook off the first quarter and played on a par with Ole Miss for the rest of the game. I’m sure Dak Prescott was disappointed, but he’s still the best football player that ever suited up at MSU, and we all wish him well. Everyone says he’s not a NFL quarterback, but they said the same thing about Cam Newton, and Carolina is undefeated with Cam under center.

There were other key games this weekend and the post season play offs are shaping up. Alabama took care of business in the Iron Bowl, and if they can beat Florida in the SEC Championship game, they should make it. Stanford ended Notre Dame’s chances, and Baylor and Oklahoma State were eliminated.

If Iowa can defeat Michigan State in The Big Ten championship game, they deserve to be in the final four, as does Oklahoma. Clemson beat South Carolina to remain undefeated, but must face a tough North Carolina in the ACC championship game. If they whip the Tarheels, the final four should be:





Things could change pending the conference playoff games. If Florida beats Alabama, Michigan State beats Iowa, and North Carolina takes Clemson down, then it opens the door for Ohio State, Michigan State and North Carolina. I believe that when the dust settles, we’ll have the best team in the NCAA as National Champions. The playoffs make that possible.

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  1. No doubt Dak Prescott is a great athlete and a mighty fine quarterback but ironically his fumble and his pick 6 were the difference in losing and winning the Egg Bowl. My prognostication that the two teams were pretty evenly matched and that turnovers and who best protected the QB would win the game proved to be on target but then it didn’t take Nostradamus or a genius to make that prediction. Can’t argue that Dak is the greatest player in State’s history but could make a case for Jackie Parker or perhaps even Kent Hull. Also ironically, Dak lost by double digits to Ole Miss in the two best seasons in MSU history.

    • Well if we are going to be technical the best ever MSU team was in 1940. they were 10-0-1 and won the SEC and the Orange Bowl. Blondy Black and Buddy Elrod are still considered by many to be the best that ever played for the Bullies. Dak probably hates losing to the Rebs as much as I do and if he had a top notch offensive line he might have won, but Ole Miss came out and established physical supremacy from the first play and deservedly won.

  2. Ah Tommy. John Wayne never quit at the Alamo either. But – alas. We are going to have to do a better job of recruiting in order to seriously challenge the Alabamas and Ole Misses of this world. Don’t know if we can do it. they have the Mannings, the Toueys, the Chuckies and the trial lawyers. We have Bully. Hope we get (and can win) a good bowl game. B. Harvey

    • Coach Mullen recruits under the radar and does an excellent job of coaching our guys up, but like I said, 5 star recruits will usually beat 3 stars every time. If you’d offered me 8-4 for the season in August, I’d have jumped on it. I hate losing to Ole Miss, but I think we had a very good season. Hopefully we won’t have to play Georgia Tech in a bowl game.

  3. Good afternoon, Tom, As an Auburn guy, I can’t say I was expecting anything other than what happened, butI would bet there’ll be a 21 point spread (at least) when Alabama beats Florida, who I thoughtnever deserved the ranking they had. Living in New Orleans, it’s been entertaining to watchLes Miles save his bacon in the literal last second. They had the 15 million required to buyhim out all lined up.

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