football week three

Stars fell on Alabama on Saturday, but they were wearing purple and gold, and red and blue. LSU removed any doubt concerning Auburn’s new defensive scheme. Leonard Fournette ran for 228 yards and 3 touchdowns, and the Bengal Tigers racked up over 400 yards in total offense. While the War Eagle defense was being shredded, the offense was equally inept, and the future looks dismal.

Later in the night, the Ole Miss Rebels marched in to Denny Stadium and spanked the Crimson Tide. Actually, Bama did pretty well. They held the Rebel offense to 43 points, when it had been scoring over 70 per game. The Red Elephants refused to give up, and kept coming back all evening. From what I saw on TV, the whole thing came down to highly skilled athletes defeating a bigger, deeper opponent. Alabama turned the ball over, and Ole Miss capitalized on each miscue.

As all of you know, I predicted a National Championship for Ole Miss, and stated that Alabama posed the biggest threat to Ole Miss during the regular season. I’m not saying that there are not big games ahead for the Rebs, but I am saying that if they continue to play with the mental attitude they brought into the Bama game, they should run the table.

Other SEC action saw Arkansas lose to Texas Tech at home, and continue to disappoint their fans. Hopes were sky high for this edition of Razorback football, and already, the season is in shambles. Arkansas has a bunch of quality athletes, and will likely pull itself together and win some ball games. They haven’t lost a conference game, and could still win the SEC West.

Georgia took The Ole Ball Coach and his Gamecocks to the woodshed and avenged last year’s upset. It’s my thought that Georgia is the class of the SEC East, and will finish the season in the top ten. Ole Miss will beat them in the SEC Championship game for their only loss of the season.

The other conference games went as expected. Missouri pulled out a close win over U. Conn, A&M trounced Nevada, and Vandy abused Austin Peay. Meanwhile, Tennessee ran all over Western Carolina, and Kentucky lost a close game to Florida in a battle to settle second place in the East.

My Mississippi State Bulldogs romped all over Northwestern Louisiana in a game that featured Dak Prescott’s season debut as a runner. For some unknown reason, the MSU offense felt it could beat LSU with just Dak’s passing, and we darn near pulled it off. LSU was glad to escape with a 21-19 victory in a game that went down to the wire. To read my comments click here.

In recognition that the SEC isn’t the only football conference, I have to admit to watching parts of several other games. The most notable was Notre Dame’s close call with Georgia Tech. Considering the starters lost to season ending injuries, the Fighting Irish won a big one at home. Stanford’s win over USC was kind of surprising, as was Ohio State’s squeaker over Northern Illinois. Urban Meyer, the only man whose ego makes Nick Saban and Donald Trump seem modest, hung on to his undefeated season and probably the number one ranking, at least for the time being.

Next week there are at least three games worthy of special attention. Undefeated Texas A&M will travel to Dallas to play Arkansas in a SEC West contest. The Aggies will be favored, but this is a must win for the Razorbacks if they hope to salvage their season. I’m picking Arkansas to finally get it all together.

TCU and Texas Tech will both be undefeated when they meet in Lubbock. The Horned Frogs will be the favorite, but I expect a hard fought close game. The Red Raiders will give the Frogs a real scare.

Kentucky will trounce the Missouri Tigers by a couple of TDs, and Ole Miss may return to its 70 point scoring pace against the hapless Vandy Commodores. In the Pac 12, UCLA’s undefeated Bruins will face off against the equally undefeated Arizona Sun Devils, and I’m picking Arizona.

The battle for the cellar in the SEC West could be decided when my totally un-regarded Bulldogs travel to Auburn. Auburn needs a win in the worst kind of way, and I can only hope that they continue to beat themselves. This game looks like the best chance for either team to get a conference win, and I’ll be pulling for the Dawgs.

We are only three games into the season, and there’s a bunch of football left to be played. We all know that with parity ruling the sport, no game is a lead pipe cinch, but we also know that the team with the most talent usually wins. Week four will reveal a little more about who will be in the four team playoffs.


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  1. You did mention a couple of non-SEC schools. Keep your eye on Memphis 6’7” QB passing for record numbers again this week to keep their 10 game win streak alive.

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    • Me being wrong isn’t as strange as you may think. I watched Mizzou struggle to beat UConn while Kentucky has played South Carolina and Florida so it seems a good bet that they’ll be better than U Conn, Arkansas State and SEMO.

  2. Tom,
    How are you these days?
    Big game there Saturday and I feel good about it. It will of course be tough as always for us. But we have athletes now that can compete in every position. For the first time I can remember, the last 2 seasons we have a qb that is always a threat and remains a team leader. The line has us a 1 pt underdog and I think that is fine. Hope it makes us hungry.

    Take care.

    • Jim, it is a very big game for both teams. For Auburn it’s a must win, the wheels are coming off over here. For MSU we should be able to beat a team that is in general disarray. I hope Dak can bring his whole game and not just sit in the pocket and try to look professional. We could have beaten LSU if he had taken the wide open running lanes given him. Keep your fingers crossed, a win can keep us out of the SEC West cellar.

    • Don’t think I don’t follow teams like MTSU. I’ve noticed the big wins over Jackson State and Charlotte and the close loss to Alabama. Teams like MTSU don’t have the strength of schedule to be taken seriously by the pollsters, but they can sure ruin a season for some of the big boys.

  3. Time for a little G2 for you…

    Fournette is the REAL DEAL. What a stud! Biggest, strongest, fastest guy in the stadium. LSU will ride that ‘hoss for all he’s worth.

    However, I was generally unimpressed with the rest of the show. Passing attack is average, the rest of the running game aspires to be average. As for their defense… average as well.

    Syracuse was playing a 5th string, walk-on QB! Our top two QBs are out due to injury, and numbers 3 & 4 are in the dog house. This new kid doesn’t even have a scholarship, and was running the scout team last week. 12 months ago, he was playing on the JV football squad of Dupage Community College outside of Chicago. No lie! He played a wretched 1st half, but came out swinging in half #2.

    Somehow, with this QB situation, and our #1 running back on the sidelines, we managed to hang 24 pts on them. If not for Fournette, that team is no better than Syracuse. It will be interesting to see how far Fournette will carry them.


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