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From time to time, I will contribute something to our e-magazine, PorchScene that may be of interest to the followers of my blog. This week is one of those occasions. As you all know, I have a deep and abiding interest in good food. Not just eating it, but preparing it as well. I have reviewed restaurants and cafes that I thought worthy of promotion, and I have posted recipes that I have found interesting, but I have never compiled a list of my favorite foods or my favorite places to eat. So, this week I’m remedying both of these oversights.

In this post I’m going to address my favorite foods and the types or brands I find to be the best. In the past I may have written a review of some of them, and certainly I will write more about them in the future. Here is a compilation of my favorite things to eat.


Milk (Organic)                                      Working Cow Dairy                   Slocomb, AL

Cheese (Edam)                                   Mississippi State University       Mississippi State, MS

Ice Cream (Chocolate/Raspberry) Kroger Private Selection           Kroger Stores

Ice Cream (Caramel –Sea Salt)      Bruster’s                                           Auburn, AL

Butter (French)                                   Beurre Echire AOC                         Echire, France


Sausage (Pattie, Hot)                     Odom’sTennessee Pride                             Madison, TN

Sausage (Hickory Smoked Link) Connecuh Sausage Co.                 Evergreen, AL

Pate (Chicken Liver)                        Elaine Lawrence’s Recipe            Gallatin, TN

Foie Gras (Goose or Duck Liver)                Hudson Valley Foods                     Ferndale,NY

Steak (Old Style Sirloin)                 Meat Products Laboratory          Auburn University, AL

Steak (Porterhouse)                       Doe’s Eat Place                                                Greenville,MS

BBQ (Shoulder)                 Morris BBQ                                         Eads, TN

BBQ (Ribs)                           Cozy Corner                                       Memphis, TN

BBQ (Lamb’s Ribblet)                     The Rendezvous                              Memphis, TN

Chicken                (Smoked)                           Chuck’s BBQ                                       Opelika, AL

Chicken                (Fried)                                 Pannie George Restaurant          Auburn,AL


Oysters                (On theHalf Shell)           Wintzell’s Restaurant                     Mobile, AL

Oysters                (Charbroiled)                    Zydeco’s                                              New Orleans, LA

Scallops                (Charbroiled)                    Jimmy’s                                                Opelika, AL

Flounder (Broiled Greek St)        Mayflower Café                                               Jackson, MS

Caviar (Royal Osserta)                    Petrossian Foods                             Long Island, NY


Spring Rolls (Thai, Veggie)                                            Wok & Roll Restaurant                   Opelika, AL

Soup (Egg Drop)                                               P.F Chang’s                                         Chain

Soup (Hot & Sour)                           Clista Haley’s Recipe                       Opelika ,AL

Gumbo Goose)                                 Pat’s Restaurant                               Henderson, LA

Gumbo (Polish Style)                     JAlexander’s                                      Chain

Hot Tamales (Beef)                         Doe’s Eat Place                                 Greenville, MS


Orange Danish (Refrigerated)    Pillsbury, Inx.                                     Publix

Pound Cake (Lemon Glazed)      Clista Haley’s Recipe                       Opelika, AL


Artichokes (Charbroiled)              JAledander’s                                      Chain

Potatoes (Scalloped)                      Teri Lawrence’s Recipe                  Auburn, A


BBQ Sauce (Bottled)                       Sweet Baby Ray’s                            Chicago,IL

I’m sure I will be adding to this list in the future, and I will welcome comments and suggestions from our readers. For a similar list of my favorite restaurants go to and check out Culinary Quest.

The poundcake file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


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  1. Tried to stop in at The Rendezvous during the Memorial Day weekend but it was closed, apparently for the holiday. Shucks! Have to try again sometime.

  2. The Rendezvous is a tourist trap today. Sloppy service, ordinary food and the only reason I ever go is to get their Lamb Riblets, which I love! Try the Cozy Corner or Corky’s for ribs.

    • Thanks! I’ll keep that info in mind. Sounds like missing this opportunity was maybe a good thang!

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