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My Magic Year for Tom's BlogOn the market for just over a month, the sale of My Magic Year has been gratifying. As we had hoped, the response from Mississippi State fans has been enthusiastic. There has been an amazing amount of interest from the fans of other SEC schools as well, but the most surprising response has come from football fans with no ties to the SEC. I’ve been told by Notre Dame, Penn State and Oklahoma fans that they too have thoroughly enjoyed the book.

We can promote the book through all of the conventional channels, but the most effective promotion is still word of mouth, and mention of the book on social media platforms can be very effective as well. Each mention of the book on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, has caused an immediate jump in sales.

Several purchasing options are available for My Magic Year and my other books:

(If you don’t want to use plastic, we gladly accept cash or checks. Mail a note on which books and where to ship them.)

Front Porch Press, LLC

456 10th Street South

Opelika, AL 36801

334-737-2727 or my cell: 334-332-8005


  •, has all of the books in paper back and kindle.

(With the exception of Delta Days, which is now only available at Front Porch Press)


So much interest has been expressed in giving one or more of my books as gifts that we’ve decided to offer a special gift bundle. More information on that system in my next posting!

If you’ve read My Magic Year and enjoyed it, tell your friends about it, go to and post a comment, and put a mention up on your own social media pages.  I will be forever grateful to you.



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  1. Thanks, Tommy, so much for this very enjoyable book that you sent to me. I have many fond memories of growing up an Ole Miss fan and going with my Dad to the Egg Bowl game. My Dad and 5 uncles and 2 aunts went to Oxford, so I was always rooting for the Hoddy Toddy team. At 10, with my OM beanie on , I would dream about scoring TD just like Showboat Boykin, who scored 7 against the Maroon and White and won 49-0. All great stuff! I saw Charley Conerly, Alan “Red” Muirhead, John Dotley and many others with my Dad. Thanks again, Tommy, for those sweet memories. Your MHS friend and classmate, Joe

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  2. Thanks Joe, I’m glad you enjoyed a trip down memory lane, so did I. Actually “Showboat” only scored six time, He didn’t kick the extra points, but damn, that was bad enough.

  3. Tommy spot on…. Thanks for the book.. You hit it from our prespective. Being an old Bulldog in the latter fifties you let your readers know what it was like to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s a think that many of us live with to this day..I am so happy for the new Bulldog reocurrence and wish only the best for our Dogs!!!!! MLB

  4. Tom, another good one. I will make it a point to recommend it to my State and non-State friends. It was indeed a magical year. I only saw one game, the Tex A&M one, but it was a good one. Too bad we could not go all the way, but then we would not be able to say “wait til next year”.
    Sorry to hear about Grant’s health problems. I gave him an email of support and fly- fish talk.
    Keep up the good work and I hope to get over your way some day to swap lies.
    Semper Fi

  5. Jack, glad you enjoyed the book and I appreciate you contacting Grant, he’s a trooper. If you ever go to the Mississippi Gulf Coast or New Orleans and use i-85 from Atlanta you will drive with in a half mile of my little office in Opelika, pull off and visit.


  6. Like you, I was blessed with a mind’s eye that can visualize the football field and the plays as
    they develop so when I can’t get the game on TV, I listen to it on the radio and visualize away.
    Your book was like that and I saw the games as you described them just like I was there.
    Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed My Magic Year and thank you for writing it. I was thrilled
    with the Dogs last year and could hardly believe as the season developed. I live only a few miles
    from the Razorback campus and have represented athletes when they ran afoul of the law and as
    you might guess, am a big Hog fan. When the Hogs play the Dogs, I’m usually with a bunch of
    Razorback fans so I just sit there and keep my mouth shut.
    I believe that next to State football, eating, or dining in your case, is your second love. I enjoy
    your descriptions of your various meals about as much as I enjoy whatever it is you are primarily
    writing about, be it football or Delta Days or your first year at Cow College. So far you haven’t
    mentioned any dish that I don’t like.
    By the way, is Ralph Waters originally from Helena? If so, he and] grew up together a few
    years apart and are also good friends. In fact, my father worked for his father, Bankston Waters,
    in the home building field in Helena for several years. Ralph is a Sigma Chi and he and I see
    each other every few years. Great guy.
    Next time you talk to Ruby be sure and tell him, “Jimmy said hey”
    Again. really enjoyed My Magic Year.

  7. Long years, nearly decades, of the hope for Mississippi State football are culminating in My Magic Year. The play by play description of the season, the hopes and dreams of those who love maroon and white, evoke both the ups and downs of that season, the likes of which none of us can remember. Having taught at Ole Miss for nearly two decades and with many friends and acquaintances who are ardent Rebels, the season dramatically toppled with the final regular season game, further worsened by the bowl game with Georgia Tech. But the emotion of the season was not dimmed for those of us who believe that ‘next year’ will bring it all. It hasn’t yet. And may not. But the hope is that the possibilities lie there before us. In the meantime, Mississippi State is growing as an educational institution that rivals, if not exceeds, those in the state. This book, while appreciative of the sport, puts it in historical perspective.

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