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will d…a life in science

WillDFrontCoverfinal version Aug 11Becoming an outstanding scientist who would have an instrumental role in furthering technologies to enrich global agriculture and benefit farmers worldwide would be only one of the positive consequences to result from the lessons learned in the heart of the agricultural South and Mid West by Dr. Will D. Carpenter. His scientific contributions during his years at Monsanto would have a substantial impact on increasing world food production, and he would play a major role in the development and commercialization of two of the most momentous agricultural products ever invented, Lasso and Roundup. Perhaps his greatest achievement would be as a significant participant in the structure, signing and ratification of the Chemical Weapons Treaty, created to insure world safety. In the midst of his many scientific and humanitarian achievements, he would set himself apart as a skilled leader who would impact the professional lives and direction of countless other scientists and members of the international agricultural community.

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