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Delta Days: Tales of the Mississippi Delta


The Mississippi Delta starts in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis and ends on catfish row in Vicksburg, according to writer David Cohn. In the 1950’s, the Delta was more than a geographical location; it was home to a unique social, political and economic system that reflected the best and the worst of our southern agrarian society. The plantation system was colliding head on with the twentieth century. A black majority was held in the grip of segregation by a white minority. These stories tell of one boy’s experience coming of age in a now, long lost time.

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  1. from Mary Tetreault (Frank McDermott’s wife) Tom – I have not been able to reach Karen or she has not been willing or had time to reply to me in a long while. We passed Elaine’s birthday wondering about her – not even knowing if she is still alive. I sent pictures of Frank to her – hoping she was able to see them. I feel so sad that Elaine might be thinking of her dad and not have a way to let him know. Mary 860 567 8027

  2. From Mary Tetreault (Frank McDermott’s wife)Tom  – thanks so much for contacting Karen – we received a lovely phone call last night and Frank was able to tell Elaine he loved her!  She is doing well, Karen says she enjoyed her day.  I spoke with Elaine briefly – Frank can’t hear well and she can’t speak loudly – but we managed and felt so thankful! Mary

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