Twit Bits

May Twit Bits

Harry Truman

The buck stopped here and so did Dugout Doug. Bess was his girl and he never looked back. He made the hard decision and the Enola Gay flew.


Fice Dogs

Tree a squirrel or take on a Doberman, all in a day’s work. Twenty pounds of romping, stomping courage and loyalty. Truly man’s best friend.


Euphoric Recall

Bourbon in a snifter, amber nectar of the South. Black Jack spreading warmth behind your knees while soothing your aches and anxieties.

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  1. Regarding “fice” dogs…I had a real “feisty” dog during my early years in Jackson, MS. His name was “Nubby” because he had a nub of a tail. He was black with white tips on his ears and paws, and, boy, was he a scrapper!. All 20 pounds of him would take on a squirrel or a Doberman without hesitation. So much courage for such a small fellow! He had one ear that hung down due to having lost a fight along the way, and his voice sounded deep and gravelly, probably due to the puncture wounds from previous battles.Fear was not an emotion that he understoon. He never caught any of the squirrels, but he did catch a Doberman….not a pleasant experience for him. I had to beat the Doberman off of “Nubby” with my tennis racquet to minimize the damage. He was my best buddy for 15 years until a truck took him on to doggie heaven where he is, no doubt, still trying to catch that elusive gray squirrel!

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