Month: April 2013

C’sons LaGrange, Georgia

Clista and Mike McCain were born within months of each other on farms that were less than a mile apart. Their parents were good friends, and Mike and Clista rode the same school bus from the first grade through their senior year at Cleveland High School in Cleveland, […]

April Twit Bits

Christmas trees with old style lights Red and green bulbs on a fir covered with painted glass orbs and tinsel. Bing croons “White Christmas” and if one goes out, they all go out.   Johnson’s paste wax Once a week whether they needed it or not, she got […]

Shiva Chapters 2 and 3

SHIVA  CHAPTER 2        MARIA Maria parked in the building’s underground garage and took the elevator to their eleventh-story apartment. She tossed her keys in the brass bowl on the foyer table as she walked toward the living room and called out, “Carmella, it’s me. Just want you to […]