Twit Bits

February’s Twit Bits

My daughter, Mary, has been after me to write some tweets that she can use to promote our social media efforts for Front Porch Press for some months now.  She has finally explained to me that a tweet is something you post on Twitter. I wonder why it isn’t called a twit but what do I know? At any rate the whole deal cannot be more than 140 spaces and characters and I have undertaken to write tweets about things I like.

A smoking shotgun shell

 A smoking shotgun shell, thundering wings in an icy stubble field, liver and white dogs on a gray creek bank. Sleet rattling on your hat.                                                                                                     

A train whistle in the dead of night

The city of New Orleans wailing in the night. A mournful siren song and Luke the Drifter riding the rails to a home that is long gone.

A 1950s six ounce Coke

A blast of fizzy up the nose from a bottle with your town on the bottom. The bubbly foil to a moon pie. Dixie’s own elixir in green glass.

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