As I Like It!

Steak House Ratings

It is important to note that my rating system does not account for atmosphere, ambience, wine list, side dishes or sauces and condiments. We are strictly talking about the steak itself. David Ross cooked some of the best steaks I have ever eaten at a shack deep in the woods on an island in the Mississippi River. So for me, the only thing that counts is the steak and its preparation. My system is based on a rating of 10 for perfection and lesser scores for lesser establishments. I have tried a lot of steakhouses with big reputations that I have not placed on this list. Like my grandmother used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”


10 – Doe’s Eat Place – Greenville, MS – Try the hot tamales

9.5 – Folk’s Folly Steakhouse – Memphis, TN – A real close second

9 – Bone’s – Atlanta, GA – Very good and very pricey

9 – Charlie’s Steak House – New Orleans, LA – Italian style preparation

9 – Smith & Wollensky –  New York, NY – Very good meat quality

8.5 – Mr. B’s – Memphis, TN – A real surprise in a local bar

8.5 – Citizen Kane’s – St. Louis, MO – Excellent preparation

8.5 – Jimmy Kelly’s – Nashville,TN – 3rd Generation of owner

8 – Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – Everywhere – The best of the chains

7.5 – Morton’s – Everywhere – Very nice

7 – Fleming’s – Everywhere – Quality does not meet price

7 – The Hunter’s Pub – Columbus, GA – Good country steakhouse

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