June 2012 Newsletter

Thomas R. Lawrence

456 South 10th Street

Opelika, AL 36801


As I See It!™

June 2012

Volume 3, Number 6

In This Issue:

Welcome from Tom

Front porch Press

Society South Magazine

As I Like it!TM

Bluegrass on the Plains

Steak House Ratings


Occasionally something will happen that makes you want to reassess your whole outlook on life and I recently had such an event. One day in late April, I got a call from old friends in Cleveland, Mississippi, G.R. and Barbara Harden, asking me to see about getting tickets to the Bluegrass Music Festival planned for the Auburn/Opelika area in late May. I had no idea what G.R. was referring to, but figured if it was going to be in our area, I could find it and score a couple of tickets. Thus I entered the world of bluegrass aficionados.

I have long been aware that many other folks have a passion for something that defines their leisure time. I’ve known “hanger rats” that love airplanes and airports, “gym rats” that worship sweat and pain, and I even have one friend that is deeply involved with old cowboy movies (like the ones we all loved at the Saturday matinees and serials). G.R. and Barbara are deep into bluegrass, and I saw just a glimpse of that world a couple of weeks ago.

Click here to check out “Bluegrass on the Plains.”


We have decided to try to defray some of the expenses of publishing Cow College by offering signed copies of the book in advance of the publication date. We will release the book to the public on or about October 15, 2012, but we are accepting pre-publication orders now for shipment in late September or early October.

If you have an interest in securing a signed, reader’s edition of the new book, send $25.00 for the book and shipping to:


456 10TH Street South

Opelika, Alabama 36801

Be sure and include the address to which you would like the book sent. We will keep you posted on the progress of the publication.


My interest in the magazine has grown to the point that I have made a financial commitment personally. Capital Consultants will be helping Tim raise the necessary capital to take the publication regional by next January. In the meantime we have begun the production efforts that will allow the January date to be met and our sales representative is calling on regional and national advertisers to line up the ads for the first six regional issues. I’ll continue to keep you posted as we move toward our first regional issue.

As I Like it!

Just a quick update on my on-going struggle with the New York Times. They have finally started delivering the paper to my new address, but cannot seem to stop delivering it to my old address as well. Is it any wonder that newspapers are losing their butts?

Culinary Update

I continue to seek the best steak houses and to compare them to Doe’s in Greenville, Mississippi. My latest discovery came courtesy of my friends, Helen and Will Carpenter in St. Louis. During a recent visit to St. Louis, they were kind enough to take us to dinner at Citizen Kane’s Steakhouse in Kirkwood Mo.

Click Here for my take on Kane’s.

While on the subject of good things to eat, I want to add to my growing list winners of Service Station Cuisine. Click here to hear about the Shell Station near Winfield, Alabama.

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