Month: May 2012

The Barbeque Kitchen

After delivering a friend to the Atlanta Airport, I decided to indulge my BBQ jones and try the first local BBQ joint I could find. Driving down Virginia Avenue in College Park, headed back to I-85, I came across a small establishment called The Barbecue Kitchen. The marquee […]

Modern Movies

I have accepted that the world has changed and pretty much left me behind in the process. I am no longer any merchandiser’s demographic target. I don’t understand the commercials on television anymore, even though I did see one recently that confirmed that old question of “does a […]

Doing Business in a Third World Country

Recently, I had occasion to interact with the Alabama Secretary of State’s office. I had formed an LLC, Chinaberry Press, LLC, without checking to see if the name was copyrighted or trademarked. After a short, but informative telephone conversation with an attorney representing a party who felt that […]