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Houston’s Smoked Salmon Appetizer

I have long thought that Houston’s offered one of the best combinations of good food, excellent service and solid value. The Memphis Houston’s opened in its present location soon after the company expanded out of its home base in Nashville. There has been a waiting line ever since. The present manager has trained a whole new generation of restaurant professionals and continues to run a first class establishment. As fern bar food goes, Houston’s is among the very best.

The salmon appetizer we ordered was fresh and smoked in house. The large filet of perfectly prepared fish was neither raw, nor overcooked. The smoking did not overpower the natural mild flavor of the fresh fish and the portion was very generous. This may have been the best salmon I have eaten outside of the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Tommy,

    John and I had this same dish at Houston’s in Orlando when Anita graduated from the Univ. of Central FL in 1997. I remember it to this day as the most delightful cold smoked salmon I ever tasted! The fact that it is still on the menu speaks to it’s timeless popularity.

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