Month: August 2011

Crook’s Corner Shrimp and Grits

SHRIMP & GRITS AT CROOK’S CORNER CHAPEL HILL, NC Shrimp and grits are the staple of the tidewater and there as many opinions in the Carolina’s about their relative quality as they are opinions about BBQ in Memphis. I happen to like both shrimp and grits, separately or […]

Cold Water Books

Cold Water Books Tuscumbia, Alabama Saturday June 25, 2011 Shortly after the publication of Delta Days, I received an invitation to join a group of regional authors to attend a book fair in conjunction with the annual Helen Keller Festival. The invitation had been issued by Sandi Hendrix, […]

Historic Virginia

Some may question the wisdom of visiting Virginia in the dead of summer. The truth is that when you’re from Alabama, there is not much that Northern Virginia can do to make you any more uncomfortable. It may be hot as blazes in both areas, but the countryside […]

2011 NCAA Football

Over the past several years, the only question to be settled in the final BCS standings is who would get killed by the SEC in the championship game. I suspect this year is going to be different, not that the SEC will be weaker, to the contrary, the […]