As I Like It!

Lemuria Bookstore


202 Banner Hall

4465 I-55 North

West Frontage Road

Jackson, MS 39206

601 366 7619

John Evans is a dreamer and a doer.  John conceived of a very special kind of bookstore, one that would not only offer books, but would have an ambiance of culture and serenity.  John started his little business in 1975 in a converted apartment with only one employee, John.

Two years later he moved to a much larger space in a suburban shopping mall and added several employees.  In 2000, Lemuria had developed a loyal following and John moved to his present location in Banner Hall.  He has never looked back.

John has made a practice of helping first time authors gain a place in the market, and this has paid off for him, as some of these authors became household names.  Lemuria has a special division that stocks signed first editions and several nationally known writers will come to Lemuria to sign books.

One of the services that I particularly appreciate and use regularly is Lemuria’s automatic book buying plan.  I gave them a list of my favorite authors and they automatically send me new books as they are released.  They also hunted down some out-of-print books for me.  The friendly and well informed staff at Lemuria are anxious to assist the customer in any special project that might come up.

Today, Lemuria has grown to a multi-location operation, with an adjacent on-line business and a section of rare and hard to find books.  In a time that sees most small independent bookstores struggling to survive, Lemuria continues to grow and prosper.  I believe that John’s success can be traced back to his insistence that Lemuria be a functioning member of the Jackson community and that commitment has paid off with customer loyalty.

It’s a heck of a lot more fun to visit Lemuria and browse than it is to visit one of the big box stores and bask in the ambiance of Wal-Mart.  Don’t dare ask one of the big box employees for a reading recommendation, you will get a blank stare as if you had been speaking Swahili.  The only thing missing at Lemuria is the house kitty.  For more information click on

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