2010 Football

The 2010 regular season has come to a close and several things are clear. Cam Newton is the best football player I have ever seen and he makes Auburn the number one team in America. Auburn is not the best football team I have ever seen, that distinction still goes to the Ole Miss 1959 squad. Yeah, I know, they lost to LSU in the Halloween shootout in Baton Rouge, but they spanked the same LSU team in the Sugar Bowl in January, 1960.

Auburn will play Oregon in the BCS Championship game to decide the 2010 National Champion and I believe if Cam Newton is able to play the Tigers will win their second national championship. On Saturday evening Cam was named the 2010 winner of the Heisman Trophy, which is awarded annually to the best player in college football. In spite of the controversy surrounding Cam’s father, this has been a pretty darn good year here on the plains.

Since I live in Auburn and my office is in Opelika, everyone assumes that I have the straight skinny on the Cam Newton saga. I only know what I read in the papers and hear on the sports talk shows and they have darn little in factual information. The Southeastern Conference and the NCAA have declared that there is no evidence that either Cam or Auburn had knowledge of his father’s activities. He has been declared eligible and cleared to play. Could this change, of course it could. Evidence might surface that he is actually an extraterrestrial alien that landed in Atlanta by flying saucer. I consider this a distinct possibility considering his football skills. He might well be a higher life form, as he certainly plays that way. If this were to prove true, it would cause the SEC, the NCAA and the Heisman Committee some heartburn. It would also result in Alabama building Nick a spaceship to recruit Cam’s home planet. In the absence of something really bizarre, the only question regarding Cameron Newton that I have any interest in is: Will he be back next year? I love to see him play, but I hope he is in the NFL in 2011. Otherwise the rest of the SEC West will start the season with one sure loss.

Some seventy or so Division I teams will play in the post season. The only one that matters will be in Glendale AZ., the rest are designed to scrape the last few cents left in the fan’s pockets. The best thing about going to a bowl is that you get to continue practicing for most of another month. This gives the bowl teams an advantage that tends to make the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. We need a playoff system in the worst way; at least the games would have some meaning.

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