Month: January 2011

2010 Football

The 2010 regular season has come to a close and several things are clear. Cam Newton is the best football player I have ever seen and he makes Auburn the number one team in America. Auburn is not the best football team I have ever seen, that distinction […]

New Orleans Part 1

If you grew up in Mississippi in the 1950’s, your world was defined by two cities of which neither was within the State. There was Memphis on the northern border, just barely across the Tennessee line, and New Orleans to the South. If you lived north of Jackson […]

December 2010

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! There is a saying that one should take what one needs from a situation and leave the rest without resentment. That is how I try to approach the Holiday Season. I love the music, the decorations, gift giving and all of the good food. I love […]