Morris’ BBQ

In the case of BBQ, this is irrefutable fact: the best BBQ in the South is prepared in Memphis, Tennessee; and since it is the best in the South it is by definition the best in the galaxy.  The best BBQ shoulder can be found in an un-air conditioned country store at a little crossroads east of Memphis called Eads, Tennessee.  Morris’ Grocery has a limited menu, BBQ shoulder, the preparation of which is overseen by the Merlin of Meat, Laddie Morris. The shoulder offered by Morris is deep smoked over indirect coals for hours. The meat retains its flavor and is juicy and moist. The smoke seems to permeate the shoulder all the way to the bone. Morris will chop a serving or a whole shoulder and sprinkle it with seasoning salt for a zesty finish. If Morris makes a BBQ sauce, I have never tried it. The meat stands totally alone. This is the standard to which I will compare other purveyors of BBQ shoulder. I hope that one day I will find some better, but I really don’t think that’s going to happen.

Categories: Restaurants

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