Month: October 2010

Doe’s Eat Place

Today I am going to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart and stomach – steak. There are only two qualities necessary to assure the preparation of a great steak: high quality meat and one hell of a hot place to cook it. I have […]

October 2010 Newsletter

As I See It! The Newsletter of Capital Consultants Company October 2010 Vol.1, No 4     As I indicated in my last newsletter, the 2010 College Football Season is well under way. Mississippi State and Auburn met for the 84th time on ESPN’s nationally televised Thursday night […]

Cary Cox

About fifteen years ago, while I was still one of the owners of Delta Capital Partners, Inc., we undertook the financing of Spire, Inc. in Atlanta. This was our first project in the Atlanta area, and since it was my responsibility to actually raise the needed capital, it […]

Fried Chicken

You can’t talk about Southern cooking without mentioning fried chicken. Fried chicken has been a staple of the Southern diet since colonial times. The Second World War can be used as the watershed event in the history of Southern Fried Chicken. The post war period heralded the beginning […]

Will Carpenter

I am in the process of writing a “quasi memoir” of sorts. I have had the privilege of spending a great deal of time with my grandson, Jackson. We’ve collected stamps, shot skeet and sporting clays and played a good bit of five card stud. I have been […]

The Rendezvous

When last we met I had held forth on Morris’ BBQ in Eads, Tennessee.  I proclaimed it the best in the galaxy, and so it is. I left you with the promise to discuss BBQ Ribs at our next session. Well, here we go. Ribs are a little more […]

BBQ Shoulder & Ribs

All Southerners are foodies. Everybody has their favorite BBQ joint or steak house. Everybody has an opinion and everybody is absolutely certain that they have the last word on the subject. I am no exception. I don’t necessarily think that I have a lock on what’s good or […]

Morris’ BBQ

In the case of BBQ, this is irrefutable fact: the best BBQ in the South is prepared in Memphis, Tennessee; and since it is the best in the South it is by definition the best in the galaxy.  The best BBQ shoulder can be found in an un-air […]